Never Feel Lonely on a Business Trip Again

Being lonely on a business trip is a thing of the past following the release of a new group meditation app

It may seem glamorous traveling the globe, enjoying new experiences and all the benefits that business travel affords.

But feeling lonely on a business trip has often gone hand in hand with the job.

Business travel can mean flying alone, sleeping solo in unfamiliar hotel rooms and eating on your own in the evenings.

And, in the cold light of day, frequent business travel can lead to feelings of homesickness, stress, isolation and in some cases, depression.

To offset feeling lonely on a trip, many business travelers strategize well.

They might eat out or catch a movie during the evening, sightsee during any downtime, enjoy a workout class at their hotel or set time aside each night to Facetime family and friends back home.

But what if there were a tool – or a support network – that’s accessible anywhere and any time, to help stave off feelings of stress and loneliness when you’re away from home?

Enter Journey LIVE, the world’s first live group meditation app.

This meditation app allows users to meditate in real-time with a diverse group of experienced teachers and alongside an engaged, friendly community.

‘While traveling, people can feel a sense of disconnect and loneliness.’ Explains Journey Meditation Founder and CEO, Stephen Sokoler who has set out to help all people lead happier, healthier and less-stressed lives.

‘With Journey LIVE, users have access to a supportive global meditation community right at their fingertips.

‘A variety of guided 15-minute long meditation classes are offered throughout the day along with a Daily Journey (anytime meditation) to give users a convenient and approachable way to bring more mindfulness and happiness into their everyday lives.’

Over the centuries meditation has been practiced in a group setting in communities all over the world.

And whilst group meditation deepens the practice and allows individuals to gain the most out of their meditation, it also helps people feel connected, less lonely, supported and happy.

‘I created Journey Meditation four years ago with a mission to help people live happier, healthier lives through a supportive and inclusive global meditation community, both online and off.’ Continues Stephen.

‘The initial focus was bringing meditation to corporations and startups through our Stress Management & Mental Wellbeing program.

‘This program currently operates programs in 20 cities around the world, serving organizations such as Facebook, Warby Parker, Nike, and Morgan Stanley, as well as charter schools, hospitals, and non-profits.

‘We found that across all clients in our corporate program, participants reported a 20% reduction in stress, a 14% increase in focus and a 10% increase in productivity.

‘But after witnessing the power of meditation with our corporate program, I made it a goal to scale this transformative experience so that everyone could access it – and that’s when Journey LIVE was born.’

Journey LIVE  has been labeled by TechCrunch as, The Peloton for Meditation, and it successfully addresses the pain points experienced by users in an otherwise competitive app marketplace.

‘The feeling of support from both teachers and the community is the missing element of many solo meditation apps.’ Explains Stephen.

‘Other meditation apps leave people to their own devices and ultimately don’t hold them accountable for returning.

‘With Journey LIVE, users can easily engage with the teachers and a supportive, inclusive community – which addresses the fundamental human need for connection.’

For businesswomen who travel often, they can now access the app and begin to enjoy the many benefits of group meditation whenever they’re away from home.

These can include:

  • Easing anxiety
  • Reducing stress
  • Improving focus
  • Feelings of calm, clarity and peacefulness
  • Feeling supported and less lonely

Otherwise, the future for Stephen’s Journey Meditation brand lies in further innovation so as to engage more people across the world –  and within the spirit of togetherness.

‘We’ll be launching new community classes geared towards different interest groups and finding new ways to connect the community online and off.’ Says Stephen.

‘We’ll be creating more content that can be accessed on demand so that regardless of your schedule constraints, you can find a teacher and topic that resonates with you.’

Photography courtesy of Journey Meditation