Never Miss Your Fitness Class When You Travel

Businesswomen who travel need never miss their favorite fitness class

Business travelers who feel frustrated when they miss their regular fitness classes back home can now enjoy fitness on demand and work out with their favorite instructors whenever they’re abroad.

FORTË is a b2b tech startup and a b2c subscription based fitness streaming platform that’s revolutionizing the US fitness industry and further innovating the concept of fitness on demand.

By transforming the way people consume fitness, as well as the way companies supply it, and FORTË is catering to both sides of the spectrum by boosting supply and satisfying demand.

Top fitness companies now have the capability to live stream their fitness classes globally via people’s smartphones, laptops, iPads or TVs by using FORTË technology.

Fitness class live stream via a laptop and using FORTE technology

Premium fitness outfits including Exhale, Studio 26 and Aerospace High Performance Center in New York City have already partnered with this US startup and have installed FORTË technology onsite.

In an unprecedented way, these fitness companies are sharing their fitness classes 24/7 and producing fitness on demand. They’re also attracting and reaching more clients than ever before.

For users, FORTË offers instant access to premier boutique fitness studio classes and online workouts worldwide. The on-demand database also stores each live streamed fitness class so that people can take their favorite ones at their leisure – or if they’ve missed one and wherever they are in the world.

For fitness novices who want to find out which exercise concept might work best for them – or those who prefer to take their fitness classes in private –  and FORTË allows them to enjoy fitness on demand and try whatever they desire.

Users enjoying a class streamed via FORTE technology

Yoga, barre, boxing, Pilates, treadmill classes, interval training, jump rope workouts, HIIT, mobility exercises, TRX, kettlebell and dumbbell workouts are all on offer, as well as  live streamed meditation classes.

FORTË is based in New York City and is by Lauren Foundos.

’We’re empowering the best brands in boutique fitness and elite coaches from around the world to reach far beyond the confines of their studio walls.’ She explains.

‘They’re creating incredible content daily, and we’re enabling them to share that with the world.

‘Each studio is outfitted with multiple cameras.

‘The switching of the cameras is fully automated, as well as the audio.

‘We live stream all day from both coasts, with no one operating the stream.’

FORTE Founder and CEO, Lauren Foundos

The former Wall Street worker and fitness devotee first conceived her idea after struggling to fit her work outs into her busy work schedule.

‘I had to be at work very early.’ Lauren explains.

‘Working out in the mornings before work became increasingly more difficult, so I started taking my clients to work out with me prior to our evening events.

‘I was also self-motivated when it came to working out and steered clear of studios.

‘Once I began dabbling, I was immediately hooked by the energy and unspoken camaraderie within the room.

‘I began to build friendships within the fitness industry and started to realize that what seemed so obvious wasn’t being done.

‘Studios wanted to offer ‘streaming services,’ but it was costly, and streaming was not their strength (it’s a whole different business).

‘After rounding up a handful of excited studios and building my incredibly talented team of engineers, our journey began.’

Live Stream via FORTE

Today, FORTË gives fitness on demand added appeal. The online workout product has been attracting a fairly wide demographic including the female business traveler who wants to stay in shape on the road and find familiarity and comfort in fitness whenever she’s away from home.

‘FORTË is the perfect platform for anyone who travels and has limited time.’ Says Lauren.

‘It gives our users access to premier boutique fitness studio classes worldwide.

‘If you ‘reserve a spot’ for a live class, you can also expect to hear the instructor call out your name and keep you even more motivated than the average exercise videos available.

‘We’ll be streaming directly into big box gyms, as well as residential and hotel gyms.

‘If you’re lucky enough to travel to one of our distribution partner locations, you’ll be able to stream a FORTË class on one of their large screen TV’s.

‘This really enhances the experience since it feels like you’re standing in the studio.’

On Demand Fitness Class via FORTE

Popular classes on this fitness on demand platform include Exhale’s ‘Core Fusion Barre’ classes, RIPPED Fitness’, ‘Ripped All Over,’, Joyride’s, ‘Joyride Cycle’ classes and Aerospace’s, ‘Aeropower + Aeroboost.’

‘All you need is a jump rope, and these guys will guarantee you a great sweat.’ Says Lauren.

‘If you prefer to move at a slower pace, I would highly recommend taking a yoga class with the wildly popular, D’ana Baptiste, from Centered City Yoga.’

  • FORTË is offering early adopters a special subscription price of $99 for one year.
  • There’s also is a 30 day complimentary access period for all new users to the platform prior to any billing going into effect.
  • You can also choose to pay month-to-month which costs $39 per month with a hassle-free cancellation policy.
  • Following the exclusive early adopter pricing offer, FORTË subscriptions will either cost users $39 per month or $288 for an annual subscription.

FORTË is available internationally.

Photography courtesy of FORTË