Why Full-Body Workouts Are Best During Travel

Full-body workouts are best for traveling, says celebrity trainer, Chrissy Lundgren

If you’re a business traveler who wants to work out when you’re away from home, you may find you don’t have access to a gym – or hardly any time to train.

And despite a multitude of fitness apps out there offering everything and anything to stay in shape on the road, you may prefer familiarity in your training with guaranteed results.

Doing a full-body workout using the moves you know, trust and love in the comfort and privacy of your hotel room could be just the answer.

In fact,  full-body workouts during any type of travel is advocated by the Los Angeles personal trainer and celebrity fitness guru, Chrissy Lundgren.

Michigan born Chrissy, who has trained Meghan Markle and Emmy Rossum, is also behind the successful and sought-after HIIT method, Burn It Off By Chrissy.

And just as her method has seen wide success in transforming the bodies of some of Hollywood’s finest, this high-intensity interval training workout (including dance-cardio, weights and core work) is exciting, challenging and fun.

Los Angeles personal trainer, Chrissy Lundgren

Here Chrissy tells Nativa World about Burn It Off By Chrissy, training Meghan Markle and why full-body workouts are a must when you’re on the road on business.

Chrissy, what’s your background?

I’ve been training for 7+ years and am certified through NASM. I started in the industry because I’ve been a dancer all my life and was always intrigued with health and fitness. I auditioned to be a Tracy Anderson trainer and was accepted and trained there for a couple of years. I was able to train with many celebrities/non-celebrities and then left TA and became the head trainer at Body by Simone. I realized I could do more for clients on a personal and fitness level on my own. That’s when I started Burn it Off by Chrissy. I’ve never looked back.

Why is your method so successful?

I found success through developing a rapport with my clients and listening to their health issues and personal fitness goals. I also get to know my clients on a personal level which makes their fitness goals more obtainable. They feel like they’re working out with their friend because I get to know them really well. The training sessions become like therapy for both of us!

Education is also a huge component of my training. I want the client to fully understand their body. It’s the little milestones that the client hits week by week that leads them to be successful and helps them reach their bigger fitness goal. I care about my clients and educate them on how to make themselves train smarter. I also workout alongside them and inspire them in ways others cannot. I’m always honest and will be truthful with my clients.

Personal trainer, Chrissy Lundgren

Which celebrities do you train?

Training celebrities is no different from training anyone else other than they may need to hit their goals sooner for a role. You also have to work around a shooting schedule which sometimes means really early morning or late night sessions. I love training all types of people, though. Everyone needs the same respect in the gym. I train/trained – Emma Kenney, Emmy Rossum, Andrea Savage, Michaela Watkins, Kunal Nayyar, Cherish Lee, Neha Nayyar. Reese Witherspoon, Rosie Huntington-Whitely, and Juilanne Hough. Just to name a few!

What’s been your biggest celebrity success story as far?

Emmy Rossum. She needed to get ready for her biggest role, her wedding. Ha! We needed to get her ready quickly and I believe we achieved that. We did a strict high-intensity interval training method and she was eating really clean. We did cardio, weight training, and back to cardio. It really works. I’m also currently working with Andrea Savage, doing this HIIT method, getting her ready for her series “I’m Sorry”.

Chrissy Lundgren and Meghan Markle (Top Right) in group class

How did you come to train Meghan Markle?

I actually have a friend who is best friends with Meghan Markle and she introduced me to her. We did a HIIT/Dance cardio method with her. Meghan is hardworking and loves working out. She already came in with a great figure from her other trainers in Toronto so, when she was in LA, she popped into a class and was ready to go.

What are the body benefits of ‘Burn It Off By Chrissy’ ?

My method is unique because I listen to everyone’s needs and goals. I want to keep the womanly figure on the women I train – if that’s what they desire – but also give them lean muscles. So, I focus on smaller muscles as well as the bigger ones. We do HIIT and also a lot of balance and tension work with bands. I focus on getting a full-body workout in each session. Women need to lift weights for overall toning and to keep their bones strong and healthy. So, we focus on cardio as well as weight training.

For my male clients, I know how to build their muscles to achieve whatever their goals may be. I can change my method to fit them individually. If they need to bulk up for a role or slim and tone, I’ll know how to help them achieve that. I also know how to rehabilitate people with injuries and can still help them get an effective workout because I’ve experienced some injuries myself. I specialize in backs, hips and shoulders.

The core of BIO is heart! I will give you 100% heart to get you to your goal.

What’s your philosophy on diet and nutrition?

Everything in moderation. I know we all need to cheat a little here and there, so do that. But get back on track as soon as possible. Drink plenty of water as well. Your body will thank you for it. Whether you’re practicing a meat, vegetarian or vegan diet you must eat enough for your body to perform at its optimal level. I would work with you to figure out what you need to do just that. I’m a meat eater, that’s what works for me and my body but you have to test your body to see what works for you. Don’t just go into someone’s philosophy about food because they said so, test it out on you first before fully committing to it. You could do more damage than good by trying to be trendy.

Celebrity trainer, Chrissy Lundgren in Los Angeles

What tips do you have for your clients who are businesswomen for exercising and eating healthily on the go?

I believe full body moves are the best when you’re on the go because you get the most out of your workout! The best exercises on the go would be:

  •  Mountain climbers/Jump rope
  •  Biceps curls/back-rows/tricep kickbacks with squats
  •  Lunge jumps with/without medicine ball toss
  •  Step-ups on a box with weights
  •  Plank with shoulder taps.

For eating healthy on the go, I recommend packing your own snacks and food.

Some of my favorites:

  • Apples with nuts or nut butter
  • Avocado and a hard-boiled egg
  • Whole grain wrap, lettuce, turkey, hummus
  • Carrots and hummus
  • Celery with peanut butter

What are the benefits of full-body workouts?

You won’t overdevelop one area. This way you’re constantly challenging your entire body every day and keeping all your muscles evenly tight and toned. It keeps the blood flowing to all parts of your body. It’s more mentally challenging to combine different body parts within one move, so it also stimulates your mind.

Why are full-body workouts good to do when traveling?

When traveling you might not have time or the space to do a full hour workout. So, when traveling, you have to condense your workout but still make sure it is effective. This is why I like to give my clients on the go smaller moves that will challenge their full body. You’re in and out in no time! Full-body workouts are the best way to workout while traveling because you still want to challenge your body and fatigue your muscles so that you will see a change in your physique.

What’s the latest fitness craze in LA?

I hope the latest fitness craze is Burn it Off by Chrissy! I would love for everyone to give my workout a try. I truly will listen to your needs and goals and obtain a personal relationship with you to help you reach your fitness goals.

How can we train with you Chrissy?

You can contact me via my website to train with me privately, in a group (upcoming classes) and/or online. You can also email me with any questions at or connect via Instagram @burnitoff_bychrissy.

Photography courtesy of Chrissy Lundgren