Your Startup Needs to Get a Business Coach

Thinking of launching a startup or maybe you already have? Here’s why you should hire a business coach..

Maybe you’re anxious about navigating the entrepreneur journey and feel like you’re taking a risk by bringing your startup idea to life.

Or perhaps your startup’s already in decent shape, but needs to scale and you’re unsure if you need to change your business model to do so.

Whatever the reason, starting, owning and making a success of any new business is challenging – and especially if you’re new to the game and are making this once in a lifetime journey alone.

Enter a ‘business coach’ and someone you might want to consider hiring to move you, your ideas and startup forward so you can make your startup successful and create lasting impact.

With the right support and guidance, you can also identify and reach your business goals.

Megan Yelaney is a successful US online entrepreneur and business coach

US-based Megan Yelaney has built two lucrative online businesses and within fairly short time spans.

Today, she’s dedicated to helping female entrepreneurs make an impact online, while living the lifestyle they desire.

To date, Megan has helped hundreds of women entrepreneurs discover and develop their startup ideas and then monetize them accordingly.

Here, Megan tells Nativa World why hiring a business coach is a must in today’s super-competitive startup world, plus what makes her coaching and individual program so unique…

Megan, why did you become a business coach?

I built two internet businesses over six years and absolutely LOVED being able to create this incredible life of freedom for myself and my team in network marketing. I was ready to expand beyond that company and knew how much purpose and money can impact someone’s life and those around them. When I started helping clients, not only did they become so much more fulfilled in their day to day, but they prioritized their health, their relationships, and the people around them flourished as well.

What challenges did you face along the way?

I’ve faced a ton of challenges along the way, but don’t know if I would’ve done anything completely differently. I believe every single challenge or mistake was meant to happen to get me to where I am now. The biggest challenge I’d say was sitting in and stirring in comparison of others in my industry, starting in my network marketing company back in 2012. I was obsessed with surpassing other people. My business became pure competition and not driven by deeper more meaningful motives. Getting out of that mentality and finding myself and my purpose again and in return leaving my network marketing company was the biggest challenge I faced, but also the most rewarding.

Megan Yelaney’s coaching style is friendly and fun, but she always holds her clients accountable

What makes your coaching style unique?

I’m your girl next door #prettyawkward business coach. I tell it like it is – in a very loving way. I’m very approachable, and can be your friend, but also hold you accountable to getting your work done. The relationship I’ve cultivated with my clients is one of complete trust. They’ll be completely honest with me and not sugarcoat how they’re feeling. Because of this we can work through things they might have otherwise not fully divulged, which will help them get to their goals faster and in a more meaningful and aligned way. I’m also silly, quirky, and love to laugh, so while we get our work done, we also have fun while we do it.

How would you define ‘business coaching’?

To me, a business coach is someone who can help guide you to build a business that brings you the income you want in the WAY you want to build it. A good business coach helps their clients get clear on their ideal client, their product suite/offers, and how they want to show up in their business every single day. They brainstorm and help them feel super aligned in how they’re running their business, implementing systems, and living the lifestyle they want in conjunction with increasing their income. A good business coach supports yet challenges their clients and helps them see things they might not be able to see at their level and guides them from their experiences and knowledge.

Who would benefit most from working with a business coach?

Any online entrepreneur who’s wanting to build a successful and impactful business, no matter what type! I truly believe everyone can benefit from coaching, and will never NOT have a coach, whether it’s business, life, or mindset!

What’s been your biggest success story with a client?

I had a client start her business from scratch in October 2018, reach her first six figures in July of 2019 and end 2019 at over $250,000 in gross revenue. A little over a year and she went from having no clue what she wanted to do to completely changing her life and her family’s financial future. She is well on her way to making over $500K this year and has truly found her purpose and passion in life.

What mistakes do entrepreneurs often make when starting out?

One of the main mistakes is not having a realistic timeline for “making it” or “going full time.” I put these in quotations, because this WILL look different for every person. I find most people expect to have massive success and be able to replace their 9 to 5 income within a few months of starting their online business. This is 100% possible, but not likely for every person who starts a business. If you want to have success, you have to play the long game and be super consistent, showing up to work every single day, even when (and especially when) you don’t want to.

Another mistake is getting stuck in the comparison game too quickly. You’re unique. Your journey is different than the person next to you. So if we’re comparing ourselves to other people we see on social media and feeling “less than” we can get stuck in a thought spiral that makes us feel badly and therefore not show up fully.

At the end of the day, we lose the reason we are doing this and just doing it to “beat that other person” or “make as much as them” and that’s just not what this is about. My suggestion is to unfollow anyone who triggers you and limit your scroll-time, and even take a full day unplugged, and completely OFF social media.

What’s Client Attraction University?

Client Attraction University is my 12 week group coaching program that helps online entrepreneurs attract and sign clients they love, who keep coming back for more. It’s a foundation building program that helps you build your business from the ground up so that you have an actual SYSTEM in place to sign clients consistently, and not just once or twice. We dive deep into messaging, social media marketing, sales, and setting up systems in your business to make the entire process more fluid. By the end of the program you leave actually feeling and ACTING like a business owner.

Megan’s business travel tips:

          • Be ahead of the game and make your google calendar your Bible! I recommend having all of your client calls booked ahead of time and blocking out any days you know you’re going to want to explore and not be working.
          • Have all the materials you need (emails, posts, images, etc) ready to go if you’re launching something while traveling so you don’t have to be creating so much and can just press play on your launch, while still enjoying where you’re at.
          • Try to instil any bit of routine you can. I try and always chug water in the morning and stick to my morning routine no matter where I am. This helps me get my head on straight first thing in the morning and not feel haphazard and “all over the place,” a feeling a lot of people feel when traveling.

What’s next for you Megan?

I’ll actually be traveling for the next few months, first to Las Vegas, then to Florida for 6 weeks. I’m launching my Client Attraction University program, my membership is re-opening, and I’m working with such incredible 1:1 and mastermind clients. I’ll also be hosting three mastermind in person events in the next three months and going to Mexico for the mastermind I’m a part of. A lot of coaching, travel, family (my dad lives in Vegas!), and fun is on the horizon, and I couldn’t be more excited about it all.

Business coach and online entrepreneur, Megan Yelaney

Photography courtesy of Megan Yelaney