Here’s What to Wear on a Plane This Season

Wondering what to wear on a plane during the Spring? Here’s an idea

Most of us want to look stylish whenever we’re away on business – and that includes when we’re at the airport or hopping on a flight.

But worrying about what to wear on a plane and finding travel outfits that are on-trend and comfortable – and especially for long haul travel- can often prove tricky through the seasons.

Classic, smart jeans aren’t always the best choice and a standard pair of black leggings never hits the spot.

Most female business travelers want to wear comfortable pants, a relaxed, loose fitting top and to be able to throw on a wrap or cardigan if they feel cold.

Easy to mix and match colors are also a popular choice, but above all businesswomen who travel often want to maintain a good sense of style.

Enter JJ Winks and this collection of glamorous-looking, comfortable day and nightwear could be just the ticket for the Spring.

Slumber Party Top by JJ Winks

What’s more, this US loungewear brand also caters to those who want comfort, ease and beauty 24/7 – and at the same time.

JJ Winks is the brainchild of two women whose idea initially stemmed from not being able to find nice loungewear that didn’t need a bra or a bulky insert.

‘We created JJ Winks to fill a void  in the marketplace with loungewear and sleepwear that allow women to be chic, beautiful, AND braless.’ Explains California-based designers and founders, Lisa Loyd and Kelly Morrissey.

‘The idea of being able to be comfortable at home, yet ready for unexpected guests, intrigued us and was the main driver for our brand conception.’

Five Star maxi Long Nightgown by JJ Winks

Today, JJ Winks pieces are made in Los Angeles and from buttery and luxurious, super-soft, breathable fabrics.

‘From the get-go, we committed to figuring out how best to build our business and decided that, in doing so, we would make our products in LA.

‘We only use fabrics made in a way that didn’t harm the environment and that was made here as well.’

Their best seller is the Slumber Party top which fits loose and feels free and is made from butter-soft Modal that’s machine washable.

Weekender Top by JJ Winks

Other favorites that might work for a plane ride this Spring include the Moonlighting Top from the Light Hug collection, the Weekender Top.

‘There ‘s no other loungewear or sleepwear line out there like us.’ Adds Lisa.

‘The goal for JJ Winks is that every woman who has any of our items in her closet knows she has the essential pieces that enable her to feel the most beautiful when she is the most comfortable.

‘The essence of the JJ Winks brand is that women no longer have to sacrifice one of these luxuries for the other.’

The brand also speaks to businesswomen who travel often and who want to feel comfortable and at home wherever they are.

‘Our customers travel in our clothes both on the plane and once they arrive at their destination they double as sleep and daywear – so travelers can pack light.

‘Our Slumber Party top, Happy Hour pant and Hygge robe make up a perfect travel outfit.

‘Our Girl Trip short nightgown is a favorite for hotel spas and to and from the pool.’

Loungewear by JJ Winks

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