Maintain Your Fitness Routine as You Travel

Female business travelers can now workout with top personal trainers whenever they visit New York or Los Angeles

Find Your Trainer is a website and app booking service which delivers personal trainers to clients wherever they are city whilst affording them access to local gyms.

Currently servicing major hubs across the United States (including New York City and Los Angeles), FYT provides some of the best trainers to its customers, as well as access to premium gyms.

The platform can also benefit business women on the go who want to maintain their workout plans and stay in shape as they travel.

After providing Find Your Trainer with information about their personal fitness goals, body shape and lifestyles, users instantly receive recommendations on which trainers will best suit their needs.

They can then choose where they’d like to workout with the trainer of their choice before booking and paying via their mobile device or a desktop.

Find Your Trainer was the brainchild of David Hung and Josh Martin who launched their digital platform in 2013.

David-Hung-co-founder-findyourtrainerWe knew that by combining Josh’s experience as a gym operator and my tech and consumer experience that we could create a service that can help millions of people improve their health by making the process of finding and booking an experienced trainer so much easier‘ –David Hung, CEO and co-founder, Find Your Trainer

Here David tells Nativa World about their innovative product which offers fitness on demand and details his startup journey with his co-founder, Josh Martin.

David, how does your platform benefit businesswomen who are visiting LA or NYC?

Find Your Trainer is perfect for anyone who travels and wants to keep up with their fitness routine in between those 3,000 calorie business dinners. Through our marketplace, users can find certified personal trainers in over 20 states and 800 U.S. cities, including LA and NYC. We have an amazing team of in-home trainers who can come and train the client at their hotel or outdoors. Also, if the client prefers to work out at a gym or private studio, they can do so at any of our partner gyms without a membership.

Can they use the same personal trainer every time they return?

Yes, if you like your personal trainer, you can continue working with him/her each time you book. Every trainer on our site has a detailed profile where you can learn about their credentials, read their bio, view photos and videos, read reviews and send them a message. Once you’ve found the trainer you’d like to work with, you can book and pay for a session in just a few clicks.


How soon before a personal training session would someone have to book it?

This varies by trainer, but for most 12 hours is the earliest you can book and 2 weeks is as far out as you can book.

What are the most popular personal training/fitness methods in NYC and LA for women right now?

In NYC and in LA right now the most beneficial and popular fitness methods for women are high-intensity interval training (HIIT), functional training and body weight exercises. These all help female clients get lean and toned.


How do you select the best trainers and the best gyms/fitness facilities?

We have an online application process that gathers extensive information about each trainer or gym who wants to become an FYT Pro. We screen every application to determine an individual’s qualifications and only accept a fraction of the trainers who apply. Accepted trainers must go through a third party verification process to validate all provided information and complete a criminal background check if they’re an in-home trainer. A trainer can start accepting clients only after they’ve completed our verification and on-boarding process.

We couldn’t be happier with the caliber of trainers who are applying to join FYT. Most of our in-home trainers have many years of experience working at some of the best gyms in the country, but have decided to become independent to have more flexibility and earn more money. Find Your Trainer gives them the perfect platform to manage their entire business from marketing to scheduling to payments so that they can focus doing what they love best — helping clients achieve their goals.


What are your goals for bringing on further gyms/fitness facilities? 

We currently work with over 100 gyms, including Brownings Fitness, Complete Body, David Barton Gym, Hanson Fitness, Reebok Crossfit and Remorca Fitness in New York. We’re always looking to continue expanding our network with the best providers so that we can provide high quality and convenient options for anybody looking to get fit. Since Find Your Trainer has been the number one Google result in New York for “personal trainer” for over 2 years, we’ve been fortunate to have gyms reach out to us.

Are you planning to expand overseas?

No plans yet — our focus is to expand nationally first.

How did you come up with the idea for FYT?

My co-founder, Josh Martin, and I founded Find Your Trainer for pretty personal reasons. While we only met a few years ago, we were both pretty chubby kids growing up and we both changed our lives after making a commitment to living healthier and more active lifestyles. Josh turned his passion for health and fitness into a chain of successful personal training and group fitness studios in the Midwest. I took a more traditional path working as a management consultant and then at several retailers and tech start ups. During my time as a consultant I was in a car accident that injured my back and right leg pretty severely. After trying all sorts of medical options with little success, it wasn’t until I started working with a personal trainer that I noticed a marked reduction in my pain and improvement in flexibility.


Josh and I met up and the idea for FYT was born. We knew that by combining Josh’s experience as a gym operator and my tech and consumer experience that we could create a service that can help millions of people improve their health by making the process of finding and booking an experienced trainer so much easier and less intimidating. We’ve seen the most success with in-home training — for people who are either new to fitness or time crunched, being able to train in the privacy and convenience of their home, as opposed to the uncomfortable, overwhelming, or intimidating environment of a traditional gym is a great option.

What’s been the main challenge during your FYT startup journey?

Scaling a marketplace takes time, and it’s a delicate balance of supply and demand. When we initially launched Find Your Trainer, we weren’t fully optimized to handle the demand — we didn’t have enough trainers and the user experience wasn’t good enough. We needed to figure these issues out, and finding patient investors that believed in the problem we were solving took some time. Now our biggest challenge is recruiting as many trainers as we can as quickly as we can outside of NYC.

How are you competing with wearables and fitness apps?

With regard to wearables, we think that they are great facilitators for gathering and tracking data, but wearables alone aren’t as successful at driving behavioral changes when it comes to health and fitness. We’ve found that it’s very difficult to replace the motivation, accountability, expertise and guidance that a real live trainer provides. But as wearables become more sophisticated and accurate, we think they can be an extremely powerful tool in assisting trainers to help clients achieve their goals even more quickly and effectively.


David’s Startup Tips:

  • Figure out the metrics that matter the most to your business and measure them constantly
  • Adopt a mindset of rapid and constant testing, learning, and improving
  • Don’t over-engineer things — it’s much more important to get product into the market even when it’s far from perfect and then improve it based on customer feedback. A lot of the stuff we built in the beginning was overly complex and isn’t being used at all
  • Leverage affordable third party services. We love Olark for chat, Clicky for detailed site analytics, Trustpilot for customer reviews, and have just started using Chameleon to build product tutorials and Perkville for our customer loyalty program
  • Try Facebook advertising — it has gotten WAY better in just the past year

David’s Favorite Apps For Work:

  • We use Google Apps, so I’m constantly checking 3 different work accounts in Gmail, using Drive to access files, and taking notes in Keep. We use Slack and Hangouts for internal communications, and I’ve recently started using Skype for all phone calls because cell phone quality is so terrible.

Photography courtesy of Find Your Trainer