This Workout Plan Fast-Tracks Your Fitness

Do this workout plan and be on the fast track to your fitness goals

A workout plan by one of Hollywood’s finest celebrity trainers is taking the US fitness world by storm.

Gunnar X Centr is a workout plan available on Chris Hemsworth’s health and fitness app, Centr, and is a results-driven, intensive 4-week program by Gunnar Peterson.

Designed especially for women and the beauty of Gunnar X Centr lies in that this workout plan can be done at home, in the gym – or on the road.

Gunnar X Centr

Gunnar X Centr

Gunnar X Centr is complete with HIIT/HIRT and cardio workouts to kick-start change from the inside out.

This workout plan offers new workouts that can be done seven days per week. The plan also includes video instruction guides, as well as written breakdowns and so leaves no stone unturned.

Moves incorporated into each workout plan are simple, but effective and include push-ups, squats, planks, crunches, and Supermans.

There’s also a simple meal plan to ensure results are fully maximized, as well as tips and motivational advice to compliment the user’s journey.

Gunnar, who has trained the likes of Kim and Khloe Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, Jennifer Lopez, and Kate Beckinsale – tells Nativa World why his workout program is a must for businesswomen who travel, plus what’s hot on Hollywood’s fitness circuit..

Gunnar X Centr offers new workout plans, seven days a week for four weeks

Gunnar, how did you come to create Gunnar X Centr?

I wanted to put together something that people could use, that people could benefit from, and that was a comprehensive program. When the people from Centr starting talking to me, and I saw the level of quality that they were shooting for, I wanted to be part of that. I don’t want to do something that sells short or cuts corners. I think if you’re going to deliver in this business, you can only deliver at the highest level, or else you should just get out.

Why four weeks?

I think four weeks is a great jump off for people considering doing something in fitness, who are coming from a less than ideally active lifestyle, so it doesn’t sound too ominous. And they go, “Okay, four weeks, I can try that.” Some people also get to a point in fitness where they’re doing a lot and maybe they’ve hit a wall, or they’re just bored, or they’re coming back from some downtime and want to start something new. I think they can start with this program and find, not just results, but they’ll have some with it fun too. The program is challenging enough. It changes up enough, and it’s very doable.

What are the main body and mind benefits?

The body and mind parts are that you’re very connected to, you’re aware of your body in space. We hit all 3 planes of motion: it’s comprehensive in terms of upper body, lower body, core work, there are cardio intervals put into it, and there are movements that – you know, we do a lot of different movements when we’re kids and our movements patterns are greatly reduced as we age. We bring back some of those things that you may have done a while back but haven’t done in a while. It’s rejuvenating. That’s what it is.

The workout plans on Gunnar X Centr include moves that hit all three planes of motion

Do any of your female celebrity clients use Gunnar X Centr?

Let’s hope so! So far, I don’t know that they have. I suggested that they download it, and I got a couple, “Why would I? You’re right here.” But, I do think that when it’s time for them to travel, they’ll be asking for some workouts because that’s the easiest thing to send them is something that’s planned. It’s a great travel app, right? You can do this when you’re on the road. You can do this when you’re on vacation, and you come back feeling better than when you left.

How would Gunnar X Centr benefit businesswomen who travel often?

It’s a very doable workout. It’s comprehensive, and it doesn’t require a ton of equipment. So if you’re in even a more remote hotel, you’ll definitely have what you need there. And actually, some of the workouts you could probably do in the hotel room if you’re not the gym-going type. But at some point, let’s try and get over that, “I don’t like to go to the gym,” thing and actually go to the gym. Let’s get used to that, let’s build that into our repertoire and not try to shy away from it.

Does the workout plan encourage women to make time for the gym when they’re traveling?

I’m not saying you have to become a gym rat, but it wouldn’t hurt – especially when you’re on the road. Look, nobody knows you so you could walk down the gym, you know, wear a big t-shirt, crush the workout and get back to your room and know that you’re better for it!

What’s the most popular fitness trend in Hollywood right now?

A lot of the hybrid-class types are popular. You see a lot of orange theory is popping up everywhere; the rumble boxing is also huge. And that’s fun – it’s fun that there are new things that come out. It’s fun that old things get a new coat of paint and a little facelift, and a new generation gets to benefit from those old tried and tested methods.

What about diet or nutrition trends?

As far as nutrition goes,  a ton of people are still with the Paleo. I see a lot of pescatarians, and I think that’s good because I like the idea that they’re getting the protein. You know, whatever works for you is what you should be doing. That’s just what it comes down to. Don’t let anyone else dictate it unless it’s somebody in a lab coat who has a medical degree.

Gunnar Peterson, the Los Angeles-based celebrity trainer

What’s next for you Gunnar?

Hopefully more with Centr. I like that they’re a top-quality group of people. I like the way they do the production and everything else. They don’t cut any corners and that’s what I’m all about. We’ll see. If we can get this more mainstream, whether it stays digital, whether it goes to television, who knows? There are so many opportunities out here. If you can’t make it happen out here, you probably can’t make it happen at all.

Centr is available with a 7-day free trial, and at the App store.

Photography courtesy of Gunnar Peterson & Centr