Do These Fitness Classes and Reach Your Goals

You can now enjoy fitness classes on the road and reach your fitness goals at the same time

Doing fitness classes – or working with a personal trainer – often involves setting fitness goals and reaching them to stay motivated, learn more about our fitness potential and be the best we can be.

But maintaining the effort, dedication, and pace to achieve our fitness goals can often prove difficult if we travel frequently on business.

Any sort of travel can wreak havoc with a workout regime, and especially when we’ve set fitness goals and want to meet them.

When we’re jet lagged and away from home, exercise might also be the last item on our agenda.

Working out using Plankk Studio

Enter Plankk Studio, a new streaming service that provides live, on-demand workout videos and fitness classes hosted by some the finest fitness influencers and personal trainers that the United States has to offer.

Hailed as the ‘Netflix of Health and Wellness’ and its elite trainer rosta helps to inspire and motivate.

Plankk Studio also promotes lifestyle efficiency since users can workout whenever and wherever they want.

They can also  keep up with – and track – their fitness goals, away from home or indeed, out of the gym.

Plankk Studio app

‘Proper goal setting helps with motivation and accountability.’ Explains Plankk CEO and Founder, Colin Szopa.

‘The best way to achieve fitness goals is to first create specific and realistic goals, both short-term and long-term, and then track your progress as you work towards achieving them.

‘People are also looking for efficiency in their lives wherever possible and this includes in fitness and goal setting.

‘Plankk Studio users can track their progress and activity directly in the app.

‘The calendar shows users their current and longest workout streaks as well as the number of classes they’ve attended.

‘The community section allows users to share progress pictures as well as support each other as they work towards their fitness goals.

Plankk Studio also has the world’s top fitness influencers training alongside users and so they’re the best at coaching users towards their fitness goals.

‘Every trainer we have has an extensive fitness background and online community with proven results.

‘It’s easier to attain your fitness goals, whether you are at home, at the gym or on the road by taking these live workout classes led by  top fitness influencers for the same cost as a single boutique workout class.’


Fitness influencers on the Plankk Studio app

A library of over 1000 fitness videos by the likes of Ashley Kaltwasser, Jessie Hilgenberg, Zoe Rodriguez and Ingrid Romero is there for users to tap into 24/7.

The product is also available on iOS, Android and the web and is a perfect way for businesswomen who travel and who want to continue working out on the road.

‘Businesswomen can stay on top of their fitness goals by accessing workout classes and videos on the app from their phone or from a laptop while traveling.’ Explains Colin.

‘We offer both home and gym workouts that can all be performed with minimal to no equipment and for all fitness levels.

‘Businesswomen can also choose from different class lengths and training styles that match their preferences, and still feel the support of the in-app Plankk Studio community while away from home.’

Fitness influencers host classes on the Plankk Studio app

Plankk Studio is by the Los Angeles-based business, Plankk which was founded by Colin in 2016 to develop apps for elite personal trainers and influencers.

Today, Plankk provides them with a robust team to not only create their custom apps, but to also support their go-to market strategy, continuous growth strategy – as well as customer support.

Otherwise, this concept now reaches over 110 million people and brings them a variety of workout offerings.

These include yoga, bodyweight training, and HIIT whilst supporting personal trainers to monetize their content.

The Plankk Studio app helps personal trainers with their fitness businesses

‘Back in 2016 we saw a niche opportunity.’ Continues Colin.

‘Top fitness influencers with hundreds of thousands or millions of followers were selling their training programs through PDF downloads and eBooks, but no one was moving onto mobile.

‘These influencers were basically selling VHS tapes, while the rest of the world was on Netflix.

‘We stepped into that space and created Plankk, ultimately developing a platform to support influencers and their evolving apps.

‘We’ve now partnered with 57 fitness influencers, and have 37 fitness apps live with 20 in development.

‘Having all of these apps in the market and growing to tens of thousands of users, we saw first hand how strong the fitness influencer and follower bond is.

‘People trust, care and are invested in the influencers they follow.

‘The next evolution was to close that gap even further and bring these influencers onto a single platform and live to users, wherever they are.

‘We’re only scratching the surface of how far we can take this.’

Photography courtesy of Plankk