Want to Look Jet Set? Here’s What to Pack

Jet set inspiration lies behind a new collection for the business traveler

Women who jet set know exactly what to pack, no matter where they’re traveling to – and for whatever enjoyable occasion.

In fact, deciding on their travel wardrobe and packing right,  factors high on their list of priorities.

They rarely get stressed about their style choices, and their final, put-together looks are second to none.

This ensures an even more pleasurable time abroad, where they can focus on what really matters.

Regardless, jet-setting women are proficient at choosing and packing clothes that are stylish, lightweight, timeless, and that they can mix and match for their fun adventures abroad.

They also know how to streamline and save time, to travel simply and without fuss.

The Jackie dress by Senza Tempo

Many of us who travel on business, on the other hand, rarely enjoy packing for a work trip abroad.

We might be familiar with standing in front of our wardrobes and wondering which clothes are suitable to mix and match, and how best we can travel light.

We might worry about packing too many clothes, ones that crease too much, or the weather changing at our destination.

Then, what if we receive an invite to a last-minute business dinner, or that we might even forget something.

Regardless of our travel outfit dilemmas, whenever we pack for a business trip we want that feeling of comfort and style during our time away – the same basic needs that we – and the jet setter – always covet when we’re dressing and getting ready back home.

Senza Tempo is a fashion label that’s cleverly taken its cue from the latter persona.

The Jane II tunic top by Senza Tempo

Looking to the jet set for inspiration and this innovative US fashion label expertly offers women the chance to feel comfortable and look stylish whenever they travel abroad on business.

The latest Senza Tempo release, The Jet Set Capsule Collection has been designed to travel well and to be mixed and matched with ease- not only with each other but with jeans and other casual wear for traveling.

‘My designs all made of natural fabrics, Italian wools, and silks.’ Reveals Senza Tempo designer and founder, Kristen Fanarakis.

‘The skirt and dresses are lined in silk which helps them resist wrinkling.’

‘The new Jet Set Capsule Collection incorporates lightweight and easy to pack items.

‘The best thing about the natural fabrics is that it makes crossing “seasonal time zones” really simple, if you will.

‘When you’re going from one temperature extreme to the other, it’s much easier since they’re breathable.

‘It’s all about ease with these Jet Set pieces.

‘Jet Set means ease of packing and ease of wearing – simply because travel is hard enough as it is.

‘With all orders over $250, I also include a travel-size bottle of The Laundress Crease Release for women on-the-go.

The Audrey V top by Senza Tempo

‘It’s amazing how easily the wrinkles fall out of the Sophia skirt and the Audrey silk jersey top with a little crease release and then steaming.’

The core of the Senza Tempo Jet Set collection is the Sophia Pencil Skirt.

This item matches all the others and can, for example, be paired with the Frances top and the Natalie jacket for a traditional, suited look.

The Frances top by Senza Tempo

Otherwise, the Audrey and the Marilyn are made of silk jersey and are both ultra lightweight and super comfy.

‘Wrinkles fall right out of these two items with quick spray as soon as you take them out of the suitcase when you arrive at your hotel.

‘These are some of my best sellers also because they can be so easily dressed up or down.’ Explains Kristen.

‘The new Marilyn white tee is literally the top to wear everywhere.

‘It looks as good in the office as it does with jeans for casual errands during any downtime when you’re away on business.

‘The Jane II tunic (black and white trim) is a little more of an elevated look.

‘It’s ultra lightweight silk crepe de chine, so you can layer it comfortably with the Natalie jacket.’

The Jackie II dress by Senza Tempo

If businesswomen want to adopt a true jet-set look, they can pack a stylish little black dress.

‘The Jackie II is staple Jet Set and is made from the same fabric as the Natalie.’ Adds Kristen.

‘In all you can create an entire capsule with the Jackie II, Natalie, Frances and Sophia.

‘You could pack for 4 days with those four pieces as your base just swapping tops and travel stress-free and stylishly – in true jet-set style.’

The Brigitte dress by Senza Tempo

Photography courtesy of Senza Tempo.