The Workout Routine That’s Best for Traveling

This workout routine helps you get fit when traveling

A workout routine has been designed specifically to help people work out without compromising their time or their comfort.

What’s more, since ‘Move for You’ is a hassle-free and accessible workout routine, it very much suits the business traveler who wants to stay in shape on the road.

Developed by the LA-based celebrity fitness trainer, Juliet Kaska together with the good-for-you shoe brand, Vionic, and this unique three-stage program makes it easier than ever to work out wherever and whenever.

This concepts’ end goal is for users to become the healthiest they can be, but with no time or space restrictions and to focus the participant as quickly as possible.

Via three 7-minute workout videos (Cardio, Core, and Calm), users can enjoy their routines as separate entities, or they can do them together as a 21-minute series.

Users simply need to log in and select which video they’d like to do. They can try the Cardio segment which is a full-body work out that tones muscles and gets the heart pumping.

Or, they can select the Core segment which addresses the powerhouse of the body and works both the front and the back of the core for balance, posture and alignment.

Finally, the Calm segment includes a meditation which helps find mindfulness by connecting breath and movement.

Juliet Kaska trains celebrities such as Pink and Karlie Kloss

Here, Juliet tells Nativa World why her workout routine might appeal to businesswomen who travel often…

Juliet, how did the collaboration come about with Vionic?

I’m a true believer of the brand. When I’m teaching at my studio you can usually find in one of three pairs of Vionic shoes; sneakers, flip- flops or house slippers! Originally I did a media event with Dr. Andrew Weil and Vionic when the brand was under their previous name. At this event we discussed the importance not only of correct supportive footwear, but how one could strengthen the foot through some simple exercises. The relationship between us grew from there, as did my love affair with the product!

What about the included aspect of strengthening the mind?

In 2019 my mind and personal wellbeing beliefs are moving right up there in priority with body health. A healthy mind is a mind that is calm and strong. That’s not reactive but in control of thoughts and moods. This is part of the reason I worked with Vionic shoes to develop the new Move for You Method fitness program – to help people achieve physical and mental strength.

What are the key benefits of ‘Move for You’?

I’m a firm believer that when we’re actively working our bodies, we give our mind a chance to calm and reset. I find this to be especially true when one is doing a hard, challenging workout like the cardio segment. When you’re moving at your max you don’t have time to think about your to-do list and the presentation you’re giving tomorrow. The core segment allows us to ground, by literally bringing our awareness inward to our center. We silenced our chaotic chatter in our first 7 minutes. In the next 7 minutes we bring our mind to focus and ground. Then in the last few minutes we bring into unison our mind and our body as we mindfully match each move with each breath. By the time, we’ve done our 21 minutes, our mind is calmed and renewed, and our body has gained strength and flexibility.

What’s unique about this program?

I don’t have a large enough ego to say my workout is the best one and the other ones are no good. In fact, I know first-hand that there are many good workouts out there. Unfortunately, there are more bad, or unsafe, then good ones out there. Many of which are led by untrained yet very fit people that are just pushing their audience. What I can say that makes this one different, in addition to being a safe and well structured, is the focus on getting all our mind and body needs met in this one concise format.

Why ‘Cardio, ‘Core’ and ‘Calm’?

The 3 C’s I’ve found that when done on a daily to 5 days a week, give people exactly what they need to feel, be and look healthier and better.

Juliet Kaska, Celebrity fitness trainer

How does each segment look?

The cardio portion of the ‘Move for You’ is more then just cardio, it’s a full body workout. You’ll be toning your muscles while getting that heart pumping! I prefer to start my day here, no reason you couldn’t do the cardio segment at lunch or the evening, what works for you and your life. Core is the foundation of it all. Of course, everyone aspires for a flat stomach, but to me it is much more. A strong core supports good posture, as well as is the key to the entire body functioning properly during any movement one makes. The calm segment is my dessert, it feels so good in the body and the mind. Here I’ve combined breath with stretches similarly to Yoga. When anyone actually becomes aware of their breath their they can immediately clam their nervous system down. Most of the time we don’t even realize we have not stopped once throughout our day to breath. We end the calm section with a short meditation.

How would ‘Move for You’ benefit businesswomen who travel?

Move for You, gives you the time, the calm and travels well to festivals or anywhere your body is.

What’s your signature training method and how does this translate to ‘Move for You’?

I don’t have a signature training method per se. I have always used multiple disciplines to give my clients and audience exactly what their body needs. When a new client gets referred to me for let us say personal training I ask “Is that you want to do, to just train?” (or just do Yoga or just do Pilates, etc). If their answer is “Yes” then I explain that we’re probably not going to be a good fit. I blend it together, and it is unique every time. What is the same throughout all my training is my approach at working with the body intrinsically How best can I get people’s bodies moving in their most essential and healthy way.

Can you define a healthy body?

A healthy, harmonized body is a gorgeous confidant body in my book. Move for You does exactly this.

Images courtesy of Juliet Kaska & Vionic