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Nativa World is for businesswomen and female entrepreneurs who travel often and want to feel at home wherever they are in the world

Welcome to Nativa World – the luxury travel magazine for enterprising women.

By providing you with useful lifestyle and travel inspiration, our mission is to provide you with the luxury of feeling comfortable, connected and happy whenever you venture abroad on business.

Our goal is that your travel experience is enhanced so that when you’re away from home you continue to succeed in your professional endeavors and can nourish your entrepreneurial mindset.

Our travel destinations include some of the most influential and economically dynamic cities in the world – such as London, New York City, Tokyo, Singapore and Toronto.

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Our luxury travel magazine helps you¬†discover your favorite brands, experiences and products – or ones that you’re familiar with- whenever you travel.

Any local brands, experiences and products showcased in our travel, fashion, beauty and health sections will also give you the option to try out something new at your destination during any free time.

We only feature brands, products and experiences that may suit you, help you travel smarter, may compliment your busy lifestyle and that have been recommended to us.

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Our Enrich section showcases talented experts from around the world who work in the wellness, beauty and fashion verticals.

These experts are sharing up-to-date tips and trends from their respective industries to help you feel prepared ahead of your business trips.

Their invaluable advice will also help you look and feel your best on-the-go.

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Nativa World brings together entrepreneurs and founders, business people, mentors and philanthropists from an array of industry sectors throughout the world.

Our Achieve section features interviews where they’re sharing their unique stories, advice and business travel tips so that you can feel supported on your own entrepreneurial journey.

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Please get in touch via our Share Your World¬†page if you’d like to recommend anything to your fellow readers, or if you’d like to share any exciting discoveries that you’ve made during your travels.

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