When Business Travel Creates Happiness

Analysis of responses to warnings of the impact of frequent business travel is important to us

Recent analysis of comments made online about a study examining the negative effects of frequent business travel has shown interesting findings.

The 2015 study’s ensuing paper, ‘A darker side of hypermobility’ was published by Cohen and Gössling who had investigated ways in which frequent travel – or ‘hypermobility’ – affects business travelers and specifically their health and wellbeing.

This study was coordinated using information from previous studies on frequent business travel. The resulting paper discussed areas such as jet lag, health, wellness and loneliness on business trips.

The paper also revealed that many travelers wanted to lessen the amount of time they spend on business travel and concluded that companies could develop policies to prevent employees suffering any negative impact from frequent business travel.

Today’s analysis of online responses to the paper has demonstrated that individuals either ‘flounder’ or ‘flourish’ in their careers when they’re frequent business travelers.

The dark side of business travel: A media comments analysis, was undertaken by academics at the University of Surrey and Lund University and reveals that two different identities emerge on the business travel landscape.

The ’flourishing hypermobile’ views frequent business travel as key to their happiness and identity.

The ‘floundering hypermobile’ on the other hand, believes frequent business travel to be a source of unhappiness and that it affects their health, happiness and wellbeing.

With this in mind, resources like Nativa World may become increasingly useful to the business traveler – and to their colleagues and employers back home.

And whilst Nativa World may resonate well with the ‘flourishing hypermobile’,  the ‘floundering hypermobile’ hasn’t been forgotten.

Over the past year many of our well-traveled readers and entrepreneurial interviewees from around the world have shared their business travel tips and experiences with us.

With the view to support, empower and provide useful insight to other female business travelers some have revealed their strategies on how to counter any negative impacts that business travel may bring.

Whether it’s choosing a hotel that better supports a peaceful night’s sleep, using apps to combat jet lag, meditate, network, find healthy food, workout and travel smarter – or by simply bringing their pillow from home – these women can perhaps continue to feel happy, healthy, organized and productive whenever they’re traveling.

Our readers are also well informed on traveling toxin-free.

And whilst a pain-free business travel experience may have brought them greater successes in their careers and created happiness for them, many may also enjoy feeling inspired by seeing more of the world.

By meeting and collaborating with others at their new destinations, special moments and professional relationships have no doubt been established.

In turn, we’ve very much enjoyed seeing our readers and interviewee’s businesses prosper and grow – and their careers flourish even further.

How do you make your business travel happier and healthier? #nativamatters

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