If you do yoga on your business trips, your travel experience and health will improve

Whatever your lifestyle, doing yoga can help improve flexibility, strength and energy. It also bolsters the immune system, creates happiness and improves concentration and understanding the need for self care.

When compared to other fitness methods, yoga is said to be a lifestyle choice that can enhance our everyday lives beyond just the physical practice.

Practicing yoga can enhance our everyday lives

Doing yoga could also provide the perfect fitness addition to work-related trips for female business travelers by keeping them happy and healthy whenever they’re away from home.

Doing yoga on a business trip can help:

    • Combat jet lag
    • Protect the immune system
    • The posture and protect spines after sitting on planes and in taxis
    • Re-awaken the body and get the muscles moving
    • Guide back to a grounded mental state
    • De-stress and calm
    • Offer meaningful ‘you’ time.

Until now the challenges for yoga practitioners who travel may have included not being able to do yoga on the road or using unfamiliar local instructors at their destinations.

The hotel’s they’re staying at may not offer yoga classes, plus nearby yoga studios may not provide the type of practice a business traveler might have been enjoying back home.

Easypose is a website and an app for on-demand yoga

Today, a desktop platform and mobile app called Easypose is supporting the thriving yoga community where more practitioners than ever lead busy lives.

By offering them yoga on their terms, this simple booking tool is bringing yoga teachers to their homes, offices and hotels with a click of a button.

Equally, Easypose is transforming the lives of yoga practitioners who travel and want to maintain their practice en-route.

For the female business traveler her yoga routine needs no longer be neglected or disrupted and she can enjoy practicing whenever and wherever she choses.

Easypose was conceived by The Los Angeles-based entrepreneur Ruben Dua who began conquering the $27 billion yoga market in 2015 – not least by appealing to the demands of the traveling yogi.

Ruben Dua is the cofounder and CEO of Easypose

He explains. ‘When you travel, it can be very difficult to get to gyms and studios because you are not familiar with the area.

‘With Easypose you don’t have to worry about getting to or finding a studio, the teacher comes right to you so that you can keep up with your practice.

‘The busy female traveler demands convenience and a technological enabled experience to save time and to keep up with their health.’

Easypose allows yoga practitioners to book a certified yoga teacher to their homes, offices and hotels

Otherwise, this on-demand fitness product offers a personalized and intimate approach to the entire yoga practitioner spectrum.

Whether someone travels on business or is a stay-at-home mom, Easypose affords them the luxury of practicing anywhere and at any time that fits their schedule.

They can also enjoy reasonable instructor rates and try out different types of yoga whenever they want to.

Ruben himself is a staunch advocate of the ‘yoga lifestyle’ and has been practicing at home since he was a child.

He says, ‘I took yoga seriously when I was growing up and enjoyed the yoga lifestyle because I had private yoga instruction at home.

‘However, as I grew up the challenge of booking a teacher to come to my home proved to be challenging and this frustrated me.

‘It was also cost prohibitive.

‘Private one-on-one instruction can improve people’s skill sets and help them realize the various benefits of yoga.’

To date, over 1000 qualified teachers have joined the booming Easypose instructor network and are busy working with clients in their homes, offices and hotels in more that 20 cities.

Easypose yoga teachers are certified, rated and reviewed

They also offer private yoga sessions outside.

Additionally, Easypose has set out to help a vast number improve their technique, better grasp the fundamentals of yoga and transition from beginner level.

Ruben adds, ‘According to the 2016 Yoga in America Study by Yoga Journal there are 36 million yoga practitioners in America, 98% of whom consider themselves beginners.

‘And only 6% of the 80 million people who tried yoga for the first time in 2016 stuck with it.

‘We strive to help people take their journey to the next level.

‘Easypose helps people deepen and improve their practice.

‘We want them to learn the fundamentals of yoga in order to build a sustainable life-long practice so they can continue to reap the benefits of yoga throughout their lives.

‘Our long term goal is to build a new ecosystem for the worldwide yoga community.’

Easypose also works closely with, and serves the corporate world in the United States.

You can use Easypose in four simple steps:

      • Create your account via Easypose.com
      • Select a convenient time and place for your private yoga class
      • Chose the type of yoga you want to practice – Beginner, Flow, Power, Restorative, Meditation etc
      • Book your certified yoga instructor

Easypose is available in Southern California, San Francisco Bay Area and the New York Tri-State area.

Female travelers are encouraged to try a free first session with code: NATIVAYOGA (minimum of 2 session/month membership.)

Photography courtesy of Ruben Dua and Easypose



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