Workwear You’ll Want to Be Seen in Right Now

Enjoy workwear that makes you feel proud and simplifies packing for business travel

Shopping for workwear that you feel excited about and that resonates with you, can often feel like looking for a needle in a haystack.

And for business travelers there’s the added need to find something comfortable and versatile to pack for a trip.

With whimsical, seasonal fashion transitions, the rise of fast fashion and rapidly evolving trends, finding quality workwear that’s affordable, stylish, versatile and comfortable can often prove challenging.

Workwear by a new US fashion label ticks all the above boxes, but also injects spirit and class back into the women’s workwear industry.

Jackie II dress by Senza Tempo

Senza Tempo is revolutionizing the workwear sector by shunning fleeting fashion trends and ‘overshopping’, whilst embracing mindful purchasing and ethical garment manufacturing.

This fashion label also speaks to modern women who prefer to dress in classic styles, keep their wardrobes simple and happily wear their favorite clothes for a lifetime.

By the fashion entrepreneur and fashion designer, Kristen Fanarakis and her luxury line of workwear and stylish clothes is inspired by the likes of American fashion icons, Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy Onassis.

Senza Tempo Founder, Kristen Fanarakis

‘Their style is timeless, seasonless, classic and chic.’ Explains fashion designer, Kristen.

‘This guides everything that I design at Senza Tempo.

‘I wanted to create clothing that’s still in style in 10 years but that also has a level of quality that will last 10 years.

‘The most consistent feedback we get is that people love our clothes because of their simplicity and can be worn so many different ways — that they have pockets as most of our garments do is always a close second!’

Brigitte dress in Magnolia by Senza Tempo

The former Wall Street trader conceived her idea after struggling to find well-tailored wardrobe essentials and stylish clothes at a good price point.

‘The idea first came to when I was looking for a simple, well-made, black A-line skirt for work.’ The fashion designer says.

‘It’s a style that’s never really out of style, yet all I could find were very high-end designer versions.

‘They were too expensive and made of fabrics that were too delicate to wear on a Wall Street trading desk where I was working at the time.

‘It shouldn’t be that hard to find simple classic basics, but it is — or was rather.

‘I realized there was an opportunity in the market for timeless elevated, wardrobe essentials that were high quality, but not outrageously priced.

‘The core tenets of Senza Tempo were born out of this confluence: offer a luxury quality product without the excessive markup in timeless styles.’

Frances top and Sophia skirt by Senza Tempo

Kristen also sought to make her collection of stylish clothes fully accessible by catering to all shapes and sizes.

It was during her time working on Wall Street that she found there were other women like her who only bought specific silhouettes because they suited their shape or style.

‘We always offer three core silhouettes and they anchor Senza Tempo.’ She explains.

‘We have the shift, the A-line trapeze and the fit and flare.

‘These three styles flatter a wide range of body types and personal styles, and are never out of style.

‘The idea of Senza Tempo is also to make shopping easier for women who know what they want when it comes to clothing by consistently offering items in these silhouettes.

‘The Carmel fit and flare dress, and Lawson A-line shift dresses have become our most popular.’

The Carmel fit and flare dress by Senza Tempo

Because of the fine, natural fabrics used to manufacture Senza Tempo clothes, they also work well for the female business traveler.

For example, linings are in 100% silk habatoi which makes this workwear breathable, increases versatility and feels good against the skin – no matter what the body temperature is.

‘When I was in sales I had clients in the Southeast and California and so was traveling to these areas in December and through January from New York City.’ Explains Kristen.

‘It was tricky because it could be freezing in New York City, but temperate in Los Angeles or Atlanta.

‘The silk linings in our clothing adjust to your body temperature.

‘As well as the silk linings (which is only commonly used in very high end ready-to-wear), our clothing items are made from an Italian virgin wool twill that has just a touch of stretch.

‘This fabric packs well and usually just needs a light steam when you take it out of your suitcase.

‘Most women don’t realize that non-wrinkle fabrics are treated with tons of chemicals, so I try to find natural fabrics that wear well.

‘The light stretch makes these items (the Brigitte, Frances, Sophia and soon to be released Jackie II) extremely comfortable to wear for travel, as well.’

And whilst Senza Tempo is made locally at a factory in Los Angeles, Kristen sources her fabrics from Italy and Korea.

‘Our garments are made in the same factory in Los Angeles which ensures consistency of fit and exceptional quality control, but I source our fabrics from the best mills abroad.’ She says.

‘Our wools are from Italy, and silk linings and silk blends are from Korea.

‘I’m extremely picky about fabrics and so I always want to find something that looks and feels luxe, but that’s also functional.

‘I also try to find fabrics that are a little different than what you find at many other brands.’

Lawson cocktail dress by Senza Tempo

Photography courtesy of Senza Tempo