Enjoy wearing sleepwear during the day and feel blissfully comfortable in transit

Lunya is innovating the women’s loungewear marketplace by offering modern women sleepwear that can be worn with pride during the daytime.

Lunya Loungewear Travel

Ultimately, as well as speaking to independent women on-the-go and designing quality, versatile loungewear, this LA-based fashion brand eliminates any stigma attached to dressing in sleepwear during the day.

Lunya also strives to empower women by helping them to connect better with who they are and could suit the entrepreneurial woman who works at home or in a casual office environment.

Lunya Loungewear

Launched in November 2014 by the ex Analyst and Business Development Director, Ashley Merrill and it was her quest to solve the problem that many women faced of finding stylish and comfortable sleepwear that truly reflects who they are.

From there Ashley’s business idea evolved significantly and her brand is now favored by women who want to enjoy wearing comfortable clothes that are transitional through the day, can be layered when necessary – and that are lightweight and stylish.

Ashley Merrill Founder Lunya

She explains, ‘Lunya was started because of a pain point I experienced personally.

‘I found myself habitually reaching for my ratty sweats and husband’s old shirts and felt there had to be a better answer to the pursuit for comfort.

‘After investigating the embarrassingly small range of options I determined that there was a real opportunity to make something better.

‘To set a new sleep standard if you will.

‘I founded Lunya with the intention to solve a multi-faceted problem and raise the bar for sleep.’

In order to improve the experience of sleeping, Lunya clothing products are all made using high tech methods, data and a suite of quality class fabrics and rarer materials.

These include natural Pima cotton and Cashmere Merino.

Loungewear Lunya Hotel

And today just as this brand gains popularity among women across the United States, Lunya clothing items have become an obvious  fashion choice for women looking to buy travel outfits.

Many other fashion brands who produce sleepwear also often tend to focus on bedtime fashions.

Lunya pieces can be mixed and matched and worn en-route and could also provide extra comfort at bedtime on a business trip away from home.


Lunya Silkset Sleepwear

The brand’s bespoke 5-piece travel kit includes essentials which take into consideration all elements of a trip such as alternating temperatures, the need for extra comfort in an airplane or at a hotel and packing less into a suitcase.

This travel kit includes all the best selling Lunya pieces and also comes packaged in a useful laundry bag for bringing any dirty clothes back home.

Sleepwear Double Travel Wear

Ashley adds, ‘We didn’t begin with travel in mind.

‘Our women came to us and told us that travel was one of their favorite use cases for our goods- we merely listened.

‘We didn’t think of it but we totally understand it.

‘Our pieces are transitional, versatile and endlessly comfortable.’

Otherwise, Lunya’s everyday bestsellers include the Washable Cashmere Merino Jogger, the Siro Bralette and the flattering Washable Silk Set.

Lunya Silkset Loungewear

Photography courtesy of Lunya



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