Cleanliness is Key for Post-Lockdown Travel

Cleanliness is at the top of the agenda for Marriott International post-lockdown

Hospital-grade disinfectants, enhanced spraying technology and wipes for guests are all part of a new high-level cleaning protocol for  Marriott International.

And its comprehensive cleanliness plans are being rolled at all of its  locations across the world to boost hygiene and alleviate any travellers concerns for health and safety.

The new Marriott hotel cleaning regimen focuses primarily on surface areas, guest contact and food safety.

To help abate the risk of virus transmission, signage will be placed in lobbies and serve as social distancing reminders.

Furniture is being rearranged – or removed altogether to provide added space.

Hand sanitising stations are being placed throughout each hotel, whilst gloves and masks are being made available to staff. Keys will also be sanitised.

The new hospital-grade disinfectants will be dispensed via electrostatic sprayers which are said to clean quickly and thoroughly, and are going to be used in rooms, gyms and lobbies – to name a few.

The food safety program is set to improve sanitation and hygiene practices during food preparation and includes training for staff.

‘Safety for our guests and associates has always been a top priority for Marriott and today that discussion of safety is in the context of COVID-19.’ Says Ray Bennett, Chief Global Officer, Global Operations, Marriott International, and chair of the new Marriott Global Cleanliness Council.

‘We want our guests to know that we are doing everything we can to welcome them back to a safe and clean hotel environment when they start traveling again.’ He adds.

The Marriott Global Cleanliness Council has been set up to ensure that risk is and enhancing safety for guests and staff.

Given all of our heightened awareness of germs and bacteria lingering in the air that we breathe and on surfaces that we touch, Marriott are just one of a number of hotel groups who aren’t taking any chances.

The effects of the Coronavirus pandemic means hotel groups across the world have been quick to react, and are now raising the bar when it comes to hygiene.

Photography courtesy of Marriott International