Will This Mobile App Open up Business Travel?

A new mobile app hopes to get people tested for Covid right before they fly

In order to try and help countries mitigate the risk of incoming travellers spreading Covid after they land, a mobile app has been created and tested this Fall.

The CommonPass smartphone app and digital health certificate first received a trial during a Singapore to Hong Kong Cathay Pacific flight path.

It then received a second trial at Heathrow.

During this trial, volunteer passengers who were destined for New York took a Covid test at the airport and filled out a health questionnaire.

All test results (generated in around 30 minutes) were input into the mobile app and a QR code was made available for scanning by United Airline and Newark immigration staff – if the Covid test was negative.

Broadly, this mobile app has been designed for use entering and departing any country in the world, and hopes to support any existing ‘safe-to-travel’ protocols.

This app will not only help boost confidence in cross-border business travel again, but may indeed render any countries 14-day quarantine unnecessary.

The question of how to open up borders – which is key to any countries economic recovery right now – is a challenging one.

And, given different countries Covid infection rates, protocols, testing and quarantine requirements, the situation has become even more complex for passengers and border control alike.

At the moment there is no standard format or common system for certifying Covid test results.

The CommonPass app and certificate hopes to overcome these issues and so become the trusted, uniform, commonly-used global method of proving that passengers are ‘indeed Covid-free’ and fit for traveling safely.

The platform will also securely document any other lab results and vaccination records that a passenger has, and so further validate their Covid status.

The mobile app also looks to help passengers feel comfortable that it’s safe to travel.

The CommonPass project has been backed by the World Economic Forum and various partners.

It’s soon to be available on the App Store and Google Play.

Photography courtesy of The Commons Project