When Brain Food Supports Business Travel

Brain food can improve business travel and inspires the Marriott’s, ‘Mind Menu’

Whenever you travel on business it’s more important than ever to keep your mind and body healthy.

For the business traveler, and perhaps more so, the traveling entrepreneur, it’s crucial to keep these two elements in check.

But when time is scant, food, fitness, and facials aren’t the first things on our minds.

Sitting in airplanes, managing jet lag, packed meeting schedules and being away from our favorite workout routines, healthy foods and skin care products can take a toll on our physical and mental wellbeing.

However, if we consider introducing what’s known as brain food’ into our diets when we travel, this may help support and nourish the mind and the body en route.

Similarly, practicing good skin care in tandem is a must.

Brain food can include:

  • Oily fish
  • Blueberries or berries
  • Turmeric
  • Broccoli & kale
  • Seeds and nuts

Brain food can be used to keep your mind (and body) at its best and the brain functioning at an optimal level.

It can be useful for memory and concentration and be helpful in improving feelings of wellbeing and happiness – perhaps when we’re away from home.

After all, the brain manages the heart pumping, the lungs moving air around the body and governs how we think and feel.

Marriott Hotel Arrival

Marriott Hotels arrival

To better support their guests when they’re away from home and to help them feel their best during a stay, Marriott Hotels has been inspired by the brain food concept and has created something special.

The hotel brand has also eliminated the need for guests to worry about consuming the right food and drinks on the road  – or bringing the correct skin care products with them,

The Marriott’s ‘Mind Menu’ is in fact, ideal for the business traveler and is packed with all the best brain foods to help maintain a healthy one.

What’s more, alongside this offering is an in-room skin care amenity kit.

And so, during each Marriott hotel stay, a guest’s mind – and skin – can be optimized at the right moments during their trip – and 24 hours a day.

Firstly, the ‘Mind Menu’ is a collection of nutritious snacks and drinks that enhance the mind throughout the day.

The menu also includes a series of shots – or ‘Brain Boosters’.

For example, in the morning, ‘The Blueberry Coconut Brain Booster’ shot is to stimulate and invigorate.

Blueberries have been said to help slow the rates of cognitive decline in adults, whilst berries are known to be high in antioxidants.

Other ‘Mind Menu’ shots include ingredients like coconut which is said to help improve the memory and promote better brain function.

There are also ‘Mind Menu hors d’oeuvres’ for later on during the day to help energize and nourish.

These include beet hummus and quinoa crackers, as well as maple-almond sunflower seed clusters.

Sunflowers and seeds are said to support our minds and moods since they’re rich in Thiamine, they can help improve the memory and cognitive function.

For close of play, the ‘Slumbershot’ is a non-alcoholic nightcap to help guests relax and enjoy a restful sleep.

For excellent skin care during a business trip, Marriott has introduced ‘This Works’ – an in-room amenity kit.

Marriott Hotels Skin Care kit

The Works amenity kit

It includes a carefully selected array of chemical-free products developed using live, naturally derived ingredients to work in tandem with the body’s natural circadian rhythms and boost skin performance 24/7.

The kit includes hair products, body and face cleansers, and lotions.

Whilst a ‘deep sleep pillow spray’ is to help guests fall asleep fast and works with the natural body clock.

Photography courtesy of Marriott Hotels &