How Safety Looks at Hotels, Post Pandemic

Safety and wellbeing are prioritised as hotels prepare to welcome back guests

Safety and wellbeing are a priority for hotel groups as the Covid 19 pandemic changes shape and some lockdown restrictions are starting to lift.

Groups like Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts aren’t taking any chances when it comes to safeguarding guests stays, and so have been implementing new health and safety programs and policies.

Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts has joined forces with John Hopkins Medicine International to support and validate its new health and safety program, ‘Lead with Care’.

This program and partnership is just one of the group’s detailed responses to the evolving pandemic and will help manage any impact on its hotels, staff and guests as they begin to make a return.

Lead with Care will also help bolster guest and staff confidence and comfort.

It comprises of two phases.

The first phase will review the hotel group’s health and safety protocols and procedures that are already being put in place.

This is followed by a second phase which includes ‘live’, or on-demand guidance from John Hopkins Medicine International and a new, dedicated advisory board.

This will ensure maximum, focused attention on the changing Covid situation, and so will ensure reactions happen in real-time.

This will also provide greater flexibility to adapt and change depending on the newest scientific research and knowledge.

The new advisory board will also review and monitor procedures and provide ongoing training for staff and employees, which will be done virtually and face-to-face.

By partnering with John Hopkins Medicine International, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts will have access to important updates and key research results.

As well as employee training and enhanced health and safety protocols, areas such as ventilation systems will be on the agenda.

Otherwise, enhanced cleaning at all Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts properties includes daily room disinfecting and inspections, and hourly cleaning of public areas.

Properties are equipped with advanced tools for air purification – to name a few.

‘Within this new environment, our singular goal is to provide guests, residents and employees with the confidence and assurance that their health and safety is our first priority,’ Said John Davison, chief executive, Four Seasons.

‘We are incredibly proud to work alongside the renowned experts at Johns Hopkins Medicine International, leveraging their global expertise to strengthen our already stringent health and safety measures through our new Lead With Care program.’ He added.

The Lead with Care program compliments Four Seasons current health and safety protocols and measures which includes providing extra sanitisers, masks, social distancing and digital menus in restaurants.

Photography courtesy of Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts