Best Apps To Book a Hotel Room for the Day

Three of the best apps to book a hotel room for the day

Some of the best apps for businesswomen who encounter long layovers when they fly or who spend just 24 hours in a city, are those that can be used for hotel reservations by the day, by the hour or even book a hotel room by the minute.

HotelsByDay, Recharge and Dayuse are three of the best apps that provide the opportunity to make hotel reservations or book a hotel room and use amenities for as long as they need during the day – at a moments notice and at affordable rates.

If a business traveler for example, touches down in the morning and has time to spare before a meeting, they can now spend time at a nice hotel in the city.

Here they can take a shower, change clothes, sleep, have breakfast or catch up on emails.

Similarly HotelsByDay, Recharge and Dayuse all cater to the increasing number of business travelers who want to enjoy a few hours downtime at the end of a trip, or take a few hours out before their flight home.

HotelsByDay offers ‘Morning, Midday or Afternoon’ hotel room stays

These travel tech companies also speak to urbanites who work remotely or even office workers who need a nice hotel room to change in the evening before going out.

HotelsByDay is available for Android and iPhone and on desktop

Since launching in early 2015 this product is one of the best apps for business travelers and has become a leading provider of convenient hotel room day stays and hotel reservations in the United States.

HotelsByDay desktop view

Via HotelsByDay users can book a ‘Morning, Midday or Afternoon’ stay at a luxury hotel and make their hotel reservation any time between 10 am and 8 pm.

Stays or hotel reservations can be booked in blocks of time which can last from between 4 to 8 hours.

This app works using hotel room search options and instantly displays hotel rooms available by location, booking times, cost and amenities.

Payment is taken on arrival at the hotel.

HotelsByDay is available for Android and iPhone.

The HotelsByDay inventory includes value and luxury hotels (3, 4 and 5 stars) which post their daily availability at venues in cities such as New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco and  London.

Recharge is another favorite and easy-to-use hotel room booking app and was also released in 2015.

This product allows users to make even shorter hotel reservations. Users pay for an exact amount of hotel room occupancy time with costs ranging from $0.60 per minute – or $40 for an hour.

For just a few hours at a time they can work quietly in the hotel room of their choice, use the venue’s fitness center or simply switch off.

This app allows for greater flexibility and affords users a complete on-demand experience including instant booking.

Recharge pricing for an hours hotel room stay

Available for iPhone and Android and Recharge operates via a users location and so defines which hotel rooms are available nearby. On opening this app a map view (just like Uber or Lyft) shows hotels that have rooms available.

After securing a hotel reservation users have 30 minutes to get to the hotel when a booking clock begins.

Luxury hotel room stays by the minute with Recharge

When they’re ready to vacate the hotel room, users simply click ‘Check Out’, the booking clock stops and payment is taken.

Hotels partnering with Recharge include the Hyatt Regency in San Francisco. This app also has hotel room availability in New York City.

Timed stays by the minute with Recharge

Otherwise, one of the best apps out there for short stay hotel reservations, Dayuse is available via a dedicated website and mobile app (Android and iPhone), and also includes the services of a professional customer team.

The product works via a filter system whereby users input the city or area where they’re looking for a hotel room.

Dayuse works using a customers location

Inventory on is wide and includes luxury hotels, boutique hotels and less expensive, 3 star venues. Accommodation is available for users to make hotel reservations near airports, stations and in business districts.

Users can even enter the reason they need the hotel room and then chose the amount of time they’d like to spend there.

After a selection of hotel rooms are offered up, users can book the room of their choice and receive their confirmation instantly.

This product was released in 2010 and to date is available in over 20 countries and at around 4000 hotels.

Dayuse prides itself on being able to offer customers up to 75 % off hotel rooms that they book for daytime use. There’s also a focus on additional hotel amenity usage such as business and fitness centers and free Wi-Fi.

In NYC one of Dayuse’s main hotel partners is the Howard where a King Room can be booked from 8:00am to 4:00pm for $170. desktop view

Photography courtesy of Dayuse, Recharge & HotelsByDay