Some of the Best: Pressed Juices in Hong Kong

Where Hong Kong’s busiest people get their pressed juices

Businesswomen who travel to Hong Kong can always feel refreshed and revitalized during their trip by enjoying some of the best pressed juices at Be-Juiced+Bar.

Located at 45 Peel Street, Hollywood Road, Central and this popular juice bar offers customers high quality, fresh and raw juices, and juice cleanses which are said to help detox and restore the body.

Exterior of Be-Juiced+Bar juice bar in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is awash with top restaurants, exciting bars and health hot-spots, but as one of the busiest cities in the world, it can often be a difficult place to find and enjoy nutritious food and healthy drinks on the go.

Similarly, the hectic Hong Kong lifestyle often leads people there to consume more caffeine, candy and fast food. If stress and pollution are added into the mix this can sometimes lead to toxin overload within the body.

Be-Juiced was founded in 2013 by two Hong Kong natives who sought to bring juice cleansing to people in Hong Kong who lead busy lives.

Juice cleansing is said to help improve energy levels, the immune system and sleep patterns, whilst restoring and healing the body and mind.

Selection of juices by Be-Juiced+Bar in Hong Kong

Be-Juiced offers three levels of cleansing to its customers.

Level One, The Reboot is for beginners and consists of blends of fruit and vegetables and offers an easier cleansing experience. Level Two, Grounding may suit experienced cleansers and contains more greens, whilst Level Three, Veggiecation mostly contains greens and has limited sugar content.

The company also delivers customized bottles to hotels and offices made from a choice of 22 flavors of cold pressed juices and vegan milk.

The company opened its first juice bar in 2015 and worked alongside nutritionists to create the most beneficial results.

By using a cold-pressed juicing machine called the Norwalk Hydraulic Press Juicer, nutrients and enzymes are extracted from pulp into a readily absorbable form.

This method preserves the juice fully, helps extract a maximum amount of vitamins, minerals and enzymes whilst ensuring the tastiest of drinks.

This brand’s motto is ‘Good In, Bad Out’ and at its modern juice bar Hong Kong people can enjoy a fast and friendly service where they can chose from 22 varieties of cold-pressed juices.

Each month Be-Juiced+Bar also introduces a new flavor to its menu- the most recent being the ‘Be-Juiced Açaí Bowl’ which is made from Sambazon frozen açaí pulp.

Hong Kong juice bar Be-Juiced+Bar Acai Bowl

Sambazon is the first company to export açaí from Brazil and is said to produce top quality pure pulp that’s organic and gluten free.

These tasty, super-healthy bowls can be topped with a choice of 18 fruits and superfoods such as blueberrries, chia seeds, bee pollen and almond butter.

In Brazil, açaí is known as ‘the beauty berry’ with the berries being rich in protein, heart-healthy fast and antioxidants. This fruit is said to promote healthy skin and shiny hair, as well as helping with digestion, cellular health and weight loss.

Detox juices by Be-Juiced+Bar juice bar in Hong Kong

Be-Juiced + Bar’s best selling juice is the Aloho Chiller which contains coconut water, pineapple and acai berry.

The energizing Green Machine with kale, spinach, green apple and coconut water is also a favorite choice and can be enjoyed alongside a Strawberry Kale Salad, Kelp Noodles or a Mango Cilantro Raw Wrap.

Be-Juiced + Bar opening hours are Monday-Friday from 8 am to 9 pm, Saturday from 11 am to 9 pm and Sunday from 10 am to 8 pm.

Photography courtesy of Be-Juiced+Bar