Luxury Handbags and Satchels for City Girls

City girls can look stylish wearing luxury handbags and satchels from a new accessory label

Jardine of London is a British handbag brand which produces luxury handbags and satchels for women in the city who like to look stylish and wear the same bag during the day and night.

Using the highest quality leather and this collection offers city girls luxury handbags and satchels which are said to be practical and understated in the branding.

A woman with a Jardine of London handbag in camel

The Small City Bag in camel

Celebrity fans include Emma Watson, Rosamund Pike and Naomi Watts.

The company founder is Suffolk-based Mary Jardine who transitioned her dream of creating her own luxury handbag business to an entrepreneurial reality.

Today Jardine of London delivers simplistic and functional luxury bags to city girls across the UK, Hong Kong and Singapore.

The company is also garnering plenty of admiration for adding something special to today’s competitive luxury handbag sector.

Mary’s handbags are already disrupting the accessory marketplace because of their subtle, luxury look.

A woman with a taupe Jardine of London handbag

The Small City Bag in taupe

Her business also champions her as an upcoming  British handbag designer who has achieved her goal of providing something special to women where they can enjoy chic handbags with clean lines, without being overtly showy.

Their style flows from a refreshing personal story, with Mary’s debut collection inspired by childhood memories of her leather music case. These handmade bags also incorporate a music bar detail.

Mary says, ‘I was lucky enough to have lessons on the piano at school and enjoyed the experience of being able to read music and play a tune.

‘The one thing I loved was that feeling of importance of carrying my leather music case to my practice sessions and lessons – it gave me a sense of purpose.

‘Something away from the boring academia lessons – something smart and different.

‘I now have that same feeling when carrying one of my own bags – a sense of pride – a sense of carrying something special.

This collection of Jardine of London bags all have a ‘magnetic’ closure system.

There’s a very satisfying ‘snap’ as the music bar comes down and seals in all your possessions.’

Her handbags also feature a gold star, the design of which has been inspired by the Jardine Star Brooch.

Mary explains how this brooch also helped her decide on her company name and branding.

‘The Jardine family which I belong to – originate from Scotland and on further research the wonderful story of Lady Jardine who was married to a Scottish Baronet jumped out at me.

‘When I saw the outline of the beautiful brooch she had gifted to Queen Elizabeth II – I knew straight away – that it was such a strong image, that I could very easily incorporate into my brand image.’

The Jardine Star Brooch features 8 diamond rays separated by a single collet which fan out from a central cluster of a large diamond.

The Queen wore this brooch for the 2012 Diamond Jubilee pageant trip up the River Thames and it’s reportedly one of her most frequently worn jewels and a recent favorite.

Mary’s debut handbag collection features the timeless Jardine of London ‘City’ Bag which comes in two sizes.

The Large ‘City’ Bag is available in a pretty Suffolk Blue, and easy to wear Glorious Black, Taupe and Dove-Grey.

A woman holding a taupe Jardine of London luxury handbag

The Large City Bag in taupe

This bag is spacious enough for women to carry any of their daytime essentials for a business trip, or a day spent working in the city.

The Small ‘City’ Bag is also suitable for businesswomen and city girls and is spacious enough to fit an iPad and can be worn cross-body, or held with clutch handles.

The Small ‘City’ Bag comes in Glorious Black, Taupe, Camel or Suffolk Blue.

A woman with a Jardine of London handbag in camel standing on some steps

The Small City bag in camel

Mary explains, ‘The Small cross-body Jardine of London ‘City’ Bag makes a very good traveling bag.

‘It leaves both hands free – so important at the airport when you are grappling for your passport and boarding pass.

‘Also, from a security point – the small bag is ideally placed across the front of your body which helps keep your important personal items safe inside.

‘If when you arrive at your destination you wish to go into evening mode – the strap can easily be taken off leaving the dainty clutch handles to use for an evening.’

Jardine of London luxury handbags and satchels are all delivered in soft moleskin drawstring bags, which are embroidered with the Jardine of London logo.

A woman with a Suffolk Blue Jardine of London luxury handbag

The Small City Bag in Suffolk blue

Photography courtesy of Jardine of London