How to Stay Motivated With Inspiring Jewelry

Inspiring jewelry by an American accessories brand shows people how to stay motivated

If you want to know how to stay motivated in all that you do during your day then look no further than Momentum – a purposeful accessory brand in the United States.

This company produces inspiring jewelry including headbands, necklaces, earrings, wraps and bracelets which promote motivation and happiness and instill confidence in the wearer.

Featuring several styles that come in 10 colors, Momentum accessories showcase 30 different motivational and meaningful sayings and mantras in its jewelry.

Combining function with inspiration and this brand is said to help individuals to feel motivated, confident and happy in their lives – no matter what they’re trying to accomplish.

Oval Motivate Wrap

Momentum mottos are compelling and encourage people to reach their goals, to stay strong, feel connected with their friends and to slow down and appreciate the smaller things in life.

The products are also designed to boost confidence whilst providing a fresh, low-tech fashion experience to people on-the-go.

Women who travel and who might find it challenging to maintain their health and fitness regimes on a trip, can now feel inspired to stay healthy, energized and fit no matter where they are in the world.

A Woman running wearing a Momentum wrap bracelet

Runner wearing the Rectangle Motivate Wrap

And whilst Momentum accessories are also popular for running and fitness motivation, through wearing inspiring jewelry during the day, women can always feel supported in everything that they do.

If they’re traveling they can also feel better connected with their friends and family back home.  They can manage different routines whilst continuing to keep their goals in sight.

Oval Motivate Wrap

Momentum was established as a brand by Amy Cochrane who began to use her jewelry designs as a powerful means of expression.

As a fitness fanatic Amy had realized that she could combine her favorite pastime with her experience working with accessories.

She created her accessories brand to suit the active lifestyle and to help people learn how to feel motivated.

Today Momentum is an online business attracting customers from all over the world with retailers in New York, Arizona, California, Texas and Alaska to name a few.

The inspiring jewelry line has also become popular among athletes.

Amy Cochrane is the founder of Momentum

Amy Cochrane, Momentum Founder

The Oval Motivate Wrap  and The Rectangle Motivate Wrap are workout-friendly bracelets made out of Aluminum pendants which are light-weight and non-tarnishing.

The pendants sit on a comfortable, hand washable fabric which wraps around the wrist approximately 4-6 times.

Both of these wraps come in black, olive, eggplant, cardinal red, or berry pink fabric.

Custom wording can be engraved on any of the pendants for an additional amount.

A collection of wrap bracelets by Momentum

Momentum wrap selection

The Copper Motivate Wrap is a 3 1/2-inch x 1 3/8-inch copper rectangle pendant.

Because Copper patinas over time the company includes a polishing cloth to help customers maintain the shine.

Otherwise necklaces, cuff bracelets, headbands and shoe charms are available. The latter is said to be bestsellers for men.

Oval Motivate Wrap

Momentum also supports the national effort, Action for Healthy Kids by donating a percentage of its profits to them.

Action for Healthy Kids works with schools in the United States to fight childhood obesity and was founded in 2002.

A woman wearing a Momentum wrap bracelet holding a water bottle

Woman athlete wearing a Rectangle Motivate Wrap

Photography courtesy of Momentum