You Need to Experience This Wellness Center

Modrn Sanctuary is a wellness center promising the ultimate ‘home away from home’ experience in New York City

Modrn Sanctuary is an idyllic, luxury 5000 square ft. venue in Manhattan which accommodates over 18 elite medical and holistic health practitioners.

And whilst this luxury space offers restorative treatments and wellness therapies, the focus here is creating a mind-body-soul connection for clients and balancing their natural equilibrium.

Modrn Sanctuary is also a perfect place for businesswomen to unwind if they want to feel at home when visiting New York City.

Treatments at Modrn Sanctuary range from Hypnotherapy to Acupuncture, and Reiki to Thai Body work. Cupping Therapy, Life Coaching and Blood Chemistry Screening are also offered – as well as workshops for Yoga.

Modrn Sanctuary was created by the American health and wellness entrepreneur, Alexandra Janelli who worked with the interior designer, Wendy Jang to create a special environment fusing East and West, and the old and the new.

Inside, black crocodile textured walls are set against Balinese doors, wicker chairs and comfortable seating and curated works of art.

Views of the Empire State Building add a modern feel, together with the availability of WiFi.

Alexandra Janelli is one of New York’s leading hypnotherapists and life coaches

I wanted Modrn Santuary to be my first home where people could come and share in the experience of health and wellness and be taken care of

Here, Alexandra tells Nativa World details which treatments at Modrn Sanctuary may suit businesswomen seeking a home away from home experience in New York City

Alexandra, how is your wellness center unique?

Modrn Sanctuary is one of the only wellness centers to have such an extensive array of eastern and western practices located under one roof. Our treatments range from physical therapy and chiropractics to Reiki, Hypnosis and Shamanism.

Modrn Sanctuary is about treating the whole and not just a part. It was our mission to provide a space that a person could come and have their mind, body and soul worked on.

Treatments at Modrn Sanctuary, the luxury wellness center in New York City

What our sanctuary offers is a place to realign, re-balance, and re-energize.

How might businesswomen visiting the city benefit from coming here?

Modrn Sanctuary is here to offer you the ability to disconnect. As a fellow entrepreneur it’s very easy to be swayed by stress, opinions and our to do lists.

The first thing that someone walking into Modrn Sanctuary will notice is the dark soothing colors of the walls. This is done because we created a space that removes excessive stimuli which helps people go inward and process without the excessive noise and stress that New York can offer us. What our sanctuary offers is a place to realign, re-balance, and re-energize. So often we leave our experience within and become an effect of the world around us. Modrn Sanctuary works to bring you back home – within. When we come back to center we’re better able to relate to the world in a more powerful and effective manner, with confidence and less fear and doubt. Thereby, allowing one to navigate the stress of life with more clarity.

Acupuncture is one of the most popular treatments at Modrn Sanctuary

It’s not that life gets easier, but rather that we get to know ourselves better

Which treatment is the most popular?

Acupuncture is the most common treatment done here. However, I find that many clients are beginning to tap into the connection of the mind and body through Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy and Reiki or energy work.

Why do you think that might be?

While many people enjoy the working of Acupuncture, there’s power in learning how to redirect the mind and having an open forum to sort through stress that can present in the mind.

Which treatment would you recommend to busy professionals?

Hypnotherapy is a very powerful practice that allows you to assess, understand re-associate your learned  behaviors that may no longer be working for you. Many times we fall prey to the social norms and “shoulds” of life, thereby causing a great deal of emotional and mental stress of what to do. Hypnotherapy and coaching are great ways to help un-package these fears, worries, and stress and create both conscious and subconscious action-oriented tools for forward momentum. It helps us understand who we are and how we can show up in the world. It’s not that life gets easier, but rather that we get to know ourselves better.

What treatment would you recommend generally?

I also believe Reiki can be incredibly helpful in creating a new connection between the mind and body by helping us go inward and find solutions to those problems we are facing.  For those with body pain or are looking for structural realignment, I’m seeing more people become curious in ‘Rolfing’. This is all about movement and remapping the connection of the mind and body to bring you back to the natural function of the body.

What’s the mission of your business?

Home has always been an important place for me. It’s a place where I can go to relax, know unconditional love, be taken care of and just be myself. This was something very important that I wanted people to feel when they came here. While I do not own my own home, nor am I married or in a serious relationship, I wanted Modrn Santuary to be my first home where people could come and share in the experience of health and wellness and be taken care of, and a place free of judgement and full of healing energy and understanding.

What inspired Modrn Sanctuary?

The idea was originally formulated around the development of a Himalayan salt room -which is proposed for Spring 2017 – but things fell into place and the idea for having a wellness center where new meets old, east meets west, and traditional meets modern was born.

Modrn Sanctuary treatment rooms are relaxing, peaceful and comfortable

It’s all about energy and experiences and that was important as we implemented the space.

What about the interior design?

As a hypnotherapist the subconscious mind is my place of working. It’s about going inward and disconnecting from the exterior environment, which is why the walls are painted dark. We have modernity lining the walls and many pieces which were also done in the hypnotic state with a client. It’s all about energy and experiences and these were important as we implemented the space. Even the living room-style waiting room was intentional in order to allow you to feel as if you were walking into someones home.

Modrn Sanctuary is open Monday to Friday, 9am-8pm; Saturdays 10am-6pm

Modrn Sanctuary
12 West 27th Street, 9th Floor
New York, NY 10001


Photography courtesy of Modrn Sanctuary and Alexandra Janelli