Practice yoga with your favorite instructor whenever you travel via a yoga app

Yoga is widely practiced to help improve breathing, promote relaxation, strengthen the body and create inner peace.

And for businesswomen who travel this ancient and spiritual exercise technique may help them strengthen and maintain mental and physical wellbeing en-route – especially if they’re managing hectic journey’s or battling stressful commutes.

For the very first time an interactive yoga app called Yogaia is handing health and happiness to thousands of yoga devotees who lead busy lives by conveniently bringing the yoga studio to them.

By signing up on the Yogaia website or the Yogaia mobile app, quality online yoga classes can be enjoyed in a hotel room or at home- and at any time of day.

Classes can be joined by simply switching on a webcam.

Yogaia has studios in London, Helsinki and Berlin and provides live classes every week and during different times during the day.

The company is also exploring opportunities to open new studios to be able to serve their rapidly growing customer base in the US.

Otherwise, high definition cameras and audio technology create an unrivaled virtual fitness experience from their three key locations.

At the same time, certified yoga teachers consistently ensure that users can get the very best instruction in real-time via their laptops, phones or tablets.

Over 100 yoga and mediation sessions are available on Yogaia which can also be enjoyed on-demand via historical recordings.

Users can even try out new classes to improve and diversify their yoga practice, or receive personalized class recommendations by answering a few questions.

If they ever miss their favorite class they can join the recorded class at a later date or take an equivalent class whenever they’re ready.

Yoga sessions are available at all levels on Yogaia and include Pilates, Barre and stretching.

Workshops and lectures also support yoga fans in furthering their knowledge of one of the world’s most popular exercise and breathing method.

Yogaia has a free sign up whilst affordable membership levels work out to be cheaper than attending a class in person.

Yogaia launched in Finland over three years ago and has since been featured as one of the Best New Apps in over 100 countries globally on the App Store.

Founder and CEO Mikko Petaja conceived his idea following a morning yoga class on his way to work.By the time he’d arrived at work he felt stressed and the effect of the yoga had already disappeared.

Since his wife was a yoga instructor, Mikko began to broadcast yoga classes from his own living room and the rest is history.

Today Yogaia continues to attract customers from all over the world and has a growing team in London and Helsinki.

You can enjoy Yogaia in three ways:

  • Join a live class: Tune into a live class and receive individual feedback via two way camera from the instructor via their webcam/phone camera.
  • Join a recorded class: All the classes are recorded – so if you miss the live class you can always do it when you’re back at your hotel
  • Download your favorite classes for practice anytime anywhere: You can download your favorite classes to your iPad or iPhone before your business trip and exercise without a wi-fi connection

Yoga Benefits:

  • Relieves stress : 9/10 of Yogaia users say the app helps them to calm down whilst reducing stress
  • Helps keep people active: 60% of our Yogaia users say that Yogaia makes them exercise more than they were previously. Yogaia’s customers participate in online classes an average of 3 times a week!
  • Helps with weight loss: Yoga is an effective method to help achieve weight loss goals
  • Increases flexibility, strengthens and tone the body.

Yogaia is available to download on the App Store and on Google Play.

Photography courtesy of Yogaia

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