Where to Find the Best Workspaces in London

Women entrepreneurs searching for desk space on a business trip to London can find a variety of options when they arrive

Businesswomen looking for the best workspaces when they’re visiting the UK capital can easily find a good selection of coworking opportunities via the online office rental marketplace, Office Genie.

Previously known as ‘Desk Space Genie’ and this company was in fact the UK’s first online platform to showcase spare desks and shared office space which could be rented out at a moments notice.

Today Office Genie also provides complete office rental search opportunities so that people can find any workplace solution that always meets their needs.

The platform covers all major business hubs in the UK.

The Office Genie ‘Rent-a-desk Scheme’ or ‘Coworking Scheme’ has become a popular option for freelancers and entrepreneurs who are based in the city.

And, the Office Genie ‘ Hot Desk Scheme’ could suit businesswomen who may be visiting the capital and are in need a quiet place to work during the daytime with all the right business facilities.

A ‘pay-per-day’ feature is also an option at a number of Office Genie properties in London.

Peter Ames, the Product Manager at Office Genie says, ‘Coworking is generally a really flexible way in which to work – even if you’ve got a fairly-standard month-to-month contract.

‘By-the-day arrangements are obviously more flexible still, and gives you the freedom to work exactly your way – it can be a great way to get control of your work/life balance.

‘It’s also very handy if you aren’t in one place for long, but still need to get things done!’

Otherwise, companies who use Office Genie to list and rent their desks or office spaces can do so for free, plus all packages include broadband, utilities and security.

Peter adds, ‘A basic shared office or coworking hub will give you broadband, utilities, and a desk and chair; whereas the more high-end spaces can offer facilities such as meeting-room access, cafes, reception services and more.

‘These tend to be consistent whether you rent for a day, a month, or a year.’

The need and preference for coworking space has spiraled over the last few years in London with the increasing number of entrepreneurs working in the city and the growth in startups.

‘Coworking has all manner of advantages.’ explains Peter.

‘Firstly, for entrepreneurs the fact everything is set up for you means you don’t have to manage an office and you can focus on work.

‘Then there’s the flexibility and particularly for those new to London, is the opportunities it brings for networking and collaboration.

‘Coworking offices are often open, innovative spaces, in which you’ll find people working across a broad range of projects.

‘This can offer excellent opportunities for skill sharing.’

Office Genie was initially created for smaller businesses, startups and freelancers.

And whilst there are traditional offices on long-term contracts, clients can also find serviced ( ‘Business Centers’) aswell as shared offices which are available to rent and are more reasonable.

‘Office Genie was created to solve a problem we were facing.’ Says Peter.

‘We had spare desks in our Cambridge office (way back in 2009) so we set up what was then Deskspace Genie to fill those spaces.

‘The idea really took off.

‘We’re really proud to be the first dedicated company to bring the sharing economy to the world of office space.

‘While our product has evolved to advertise offices of all descriptions, we’ve stayed true to our roots and office sharing remains at the heart of what we do – it also enables us to offer one of the most varied office space portfolios in the UK.’

To search for a desk space rental in London you can enter a place or postcode in the Office Genie website , or use the advanced search to narrow your options further.

Once you’ve found what you’re looking for you can  get in touch directly with the advertiser for free.

Photography courtesy of Office Genie and Istock Images