WiseWear’s smart jewelry will monitor your health and keep you safe as you travel

The Socialite Collection is a luxury line of wearables by the San Antonio-based startup, WiseWear.

Offering women the ultimate tech accessory and by successfully fusing high fashion with function, WiseWear have concealed the latest advanced technology in pieces of beautiful jewelry.

Women on the go can now feel safe, confident and stay connected whenever they travel and get the help they need in times of potential danger.

They can also wear stylish smart jewelry and wearable tech that looks casual and elegant.

WiseWear founder and CEO is Dr Gerald Wilmink who conceived his product idea in 2011.

He explains, ‘My grandfather, Dominic Cameratta had fallen in his home.

‘He was unable to call for help and was left unheard for several hours.

‘Tragically, he didn’t fully recover from this fall and passed away in December 2011.

‘I sought to “right this wrong” and solve this problem.’

In 2013 Dr Wilmink began building WiseWear from his San Antonio garage with the goal of developing a family of connected IoT safety devices.

‘This smart jewelry product is WiseWear’s first ‘Internet of Things’ product that we created to help keep individuals healthy, safe and secure.’  he explains.

‘For example, research shows that 1 of 4 college women are assaulted every year.

‘The presence of a bystander reduces incidences by 44%.

‘Our Socialite product provides women with a tool to discreetly call for help during a distressful time.

‘Our bracelets can also be used by women living in metropolitan areas, including executives, realtors, and even seniors.’

By downloading the Socialite app, just like a safety app,  women can connect their bracelet and benefit from:

  • Distress Messaging where in an emergency they can tap the bottom half of their bracelet three times to notify pre-approved friends and family via text messaging and a ‘drop pin’ to their location via Google maps. They can also customize their touch pattern.
  • Mobile Notifications whereby vibrations notify them of important calls, texts, emails, calendar events or a low phone battery.
  • Detailed Activity which tracks their activity, including their daily step count, distance and calories burned – all of which are sent to a paired smartphone via Bluetooth and connects with Apple Health or Google Fit.

‘Our target market is women who want an added level of safety and security.’ adds Dr Wilmink.

‘The bracelet is also ideal for women who travel internationally.’

The Socialite Collection bracelet is available in three styles – The Kingston, The Duchess and The Calder.

Each bracelet is made of brass and is plated in either 18 carat gold or palladium.

‘We met with an amazing team in New York that helped us create beautiful and functional pieces that all women would love to wear. ’ reveals Dr Wilmink.

‘The most popular of our designs is The Kingston.’


Photography courtesy of WiseWear



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