Wear a Life Token and You’ll Travel With Ease

Life Tokens are engraved bracelets which encourage feelings of positivity, strength and happiness

Life Token is an accessory company that offers charitable giving and inspirational jewelry in the form of custom engraved bracelets which display powerful and positive personal messages.

Created by Founder, Jimmy Wang and his jewelry brand is changing the lives of people across the world.

‘Life Token is relationships, memories, goals, identities, reminders, achievement targets, motivation.’ He explains.

‘It’s the anchoring point between the unforgiving walk of life to that which your heart most desires.

‘Primarily, to our wearers, it’s the secret garden in their heart that can now be with them always in physical, tangible form.’

‘Be Spontaneous’ Life Token bracelet

Customers who’ve bought and benefited from wearing these engraved bracelets have felt motivated to change their lives, look forward, find happiness and take better care of themselves.

Specifically, businesswomen who travel can also enjoy wearing their Life Tokens whenever they’re away from home.

These engraved bracelets can serve to remind them that no matter where they are in the world, they’re important, supported and will always be okay.

‘You’re Okay’ customized Life Token bracelet

Life Tokens can also reinforce positive thinking and inspire travelers to journey confidently, peacefully and happily.

After selecting a personal, 25 character positive message that they’d like engraved on the top or bottom of their bracelet and Life Token customers can then choose a token and string color.

Their Life Token will be created by hand and sent to them within 7-10 days. Engraving is done by laser in any language, whilst any symbol can also be added.

Every month the company partners with different charities.  Life Token’s charitable giving efforts provide a percentage of sales from each purchase which is given back to the community and goes towards a specific cause.

A collection of Life Token engraved bracelets

Jimmy explains, ’Life Token came out of a necessity to prove my business thesis of efficiently scaling brands that could also stimulate positive social change.

‘However between conceptualizing the brand to responding to our initial 200 customers, I had read a few thank-you emails and notes that had greatly moved me to the point of tears.

‘I was profoundly affected by the realization of what the brand was doing and realized that the goal was not to prove out a business model entirely, but rather THE PURPOSE.

‘And the purpose of Life Token – that is still being carried out today – is to provide and stimulate positivity and remind our customers of what or who is most important.’

Jimmy also sought to offer customers a product that would help them remember what’s important in life whenever they get swept up in their hectic lifestyles.

Customized, engraved Life Token bracelets

He further explains what lies behind the creation of Life Token engraved bracelets.

‘We get lost in the day to day complexities of life that too often, we neglect what and who are most important.

‘Those things are unique for everyone.’ He says.

‘As I sought to offer that to future customers, the answer became clear to me that my most viewed body part are my hands and so therefor, despite having zero knowledge of women’s fashion nor accessories, that was what I went with.

‘I’d like to think that I’ve done my job correctly and that’s the core reason why the customizable bracelet is our most popular.’

Photography courtesy of Life Token