LA Fashion With a Personal Wardrobe Stylist

What to pack for your business trip to Los Angeles

Personal wardrobe stylist, Danielle Tavia is based in Los Angeles.

She has been taking the Hollywood fashion world by storm with her versatile and detailed approach to styling her private clients.

But her refreshing, modern and personalized technique has been bringing celebrities, fashionistas and corporate clients through her door.

Danielle offers private styling consultations by phone and face to face in Los Angeles and styles for photo shoots, magazine editorials, commercials and high-profile events.

‘Taking care of yourself and representing yourself in a positive way is a must in business. You are your business. I think when a businesswoman is well put together, it’s a positive start to any business day.’ Danielle Tavia- Personal Wardrobe Stylist

Here she tells Nativa World what to wear in Los Angeles and as a personal wardrobe stylist advises what businesswomen should pack for a comfortable trip there

Styling by Danielle Tavia, a personal stylist based in LA

Danielle, how and why did you become a personal stylist?

I attended School of Style in New York, New York and became a Certified Stylist. I became a stylist because I grew up in a stylish Jamaican household where I was heavily influenced by my mother and aunt’s fearless, risk-taking fashions. They’d dress up to go to parties and I’d be so jealous. As I got older, I’d pick out clothes, shoes and bags and people would ask me where I got them. I’d be in a department store and people would ask for my opinions on clothes and fashion frequently.  I decided to do it professionally since I’d found my niche!

You also work as a celebrity stylist?

Celebrity styling is a different world. You have to realize that they’re a brand and they want to have input in everything that they wear- from the accessories to the color of the garment. It’s a representation of them. They want a voice and I’m there to make them look fabulous and to make their presence known at events. My favorite moment was working with Kat Graham as a Los Angeles liaison for my friend who was styling her at the time. It was for the Elton John Oscar After Party this year and she was wearing a Micheal Costello Black gown.

When it comes to styling a business woman though, it’s similar. Women want to feel good, and look good whilst still having a strong business presence. I think that my innate ability to capture that is why I’m successful.

What’s the process when a client comes to you?

I like to get to know them as a person and like to find out who inspires them in fashion and who their favorite designers are. I also draw inspiration from my clients. I find out what their ideal fashion looks would be for themselves, after which I expose them to options that match their inspirations and fashion aspirations. I bring these fashion ideas, aspirations and inspirations to fruition. Prospective clients can contact me via my website.

My process with businesswomen is the same as it is with celebrities. I get to know them and find out what their favorite designers are and what their ideal fashion looks would be for themselves.Then I expose them to options that match their fashion inspirations and aspirations. The biggest obstacle for a businesswoman though is balancing femininity and strength in their wardrobe.

Styling by Danielle Tavia

How do businesswomen usually dress in LA?

Businesswomen in LA are more relaxed in their look. I think the key in LA is to mix comfort with business. A brand name Aella has amazing pencil skirts and pants that are comfortable as well as professional. You can still look super smart and feel comfortable all day at the office.

What are the main things to pack and think about when preparing for a business trip to LA?

Bring options (The more outfit options you have the better), bring at least one black blazer and a grey or white blazer (These are staple pieces for every businesswoman). Otherwise, don’t over think your style and just let it flow. Don’t try to fit in and be confident in whatever you wear as confidence goes a long way.

A fashion shoot styled by Danielle Tavia

How does looking stylish benefit a woman’s career?

Your appearance is the first thing that’s seen and is your visual introduction to a person or potential client. Taking care of yourself and representing yourself in a positive way is a must in business. You are your business. I think when a businesswoman is well put together, it’s a positive start to any business day.

A business look shoot styled by Danielle Tavia

How different is the ‘business look’ in LA compared to what you may see in say NYC and Europe?

LA business looks are much more glamorous and laid back at the same time. LA is all about labels. New York City and Europe have a ‘chic’ edge to them. New York City and Europe take a lot of fashion risks.

What’s the best way to shop quickly and effectively for clothes?

You have to know your appropriate sizes. You want to make sure that you buy clothes that fit you perfectly and compliment your frame. A lot of people love online shopping but I like to go into a store and try on my clothes before buying them. I like to shop for fall/ winter clothes in the summer/spring, and vice versa.

What’s your favorite fashion app?

Polyvore is a great app for putting outfits together before purchasing them. You can do pic stitches of entire outfits. Its great!

Which are your favorite US designers?

Kaelen Haworth. Her clothing line, Kaelen is amazing. Go check it out!

Danielle’s Must-Have LA Fashion Items:

For Work:

  • Black blazers
  • Leather Jackets
  • Pencil skirts
  • A- Line Dresses
  • Pop of color blazers
  • Heels
  • A good platform or wedge

For Work, Travel & Play:

  • A pair a black shades (name brand or not)
  • A great jacket or blazer
  • A fringe dress or skirt
  • A pleated shirt or dress
  • A trench coat (works well for the fall and winter)

Photography courtesy of the personal wardrobe stylist, Danielle Tavia