Travel Anywhere With Your Personal Trainer

Stay in touch with your personal trainer when you travel with a top fitness app

Fitmo is a top fitness app which has introduced humanized technology into the mobile fitness marketplace by incorporating a real-life personal trainer with an app.

Fitmo offers fitness enthusiasts the chance to pick out a personal trainer and enjoy coaching with them wherever they are and at any time of day.

This brand is also said to be democratizing personal training services by providing affordable and personalized training to everyone.

Billed as the ‘Uber for health coaching services’ and Fitmo offers regular communications between user and trainer via video. This is coupled with tailor-made workout programs and bespoke nutritional programs.

Woman connecting with her personal trainer on the Fitmo app

Personal trainers also monitor progression and tweak routines in real time. Through syncing Fitmo with wearable devices and trackers, trainers can use data to polish workouts, motivate users and promote progress in fitness.

Fitmo may be a good choice in app for businesswomen on the go since they can now sustain their health and fitness routines and maintain their health whenever they travel.

Here, Fitmo’s Client Happiness Manager Allison Gould tells Nativa World how this top fitness app came to life and how users are reaping its benefits…

Allison, where did the idea for Fitmo originate from?

The seed for Fitmo was planted while CEO and Founder, Dave Roeloffs, was living in Sydney Australia. Dave confesses that health and fitness wasn’t exactly high on his lists of priorities at the time but the friend he was staying with was very health-conscious. Dave’s friend would run every single morning without fail and ask Dave to join. After weeks of harassment, Dave says that he finally gave in. He bought a pair of running shoes and joined him the next morning.The run for Dave was so vivid. Sydney is an amazing place and his route through the botanical gardens, around the Opera House and over the harbor bridge with the sun coming up was unforgettable. He was surrounded by all these good-looking, healthy people in their workout gear. It was as if he’d stepped into some kind of parallel universe. Dave loved the experience and was amazed by the positive energy it gave him afterwards. Dave didn’t know it at the time, but that would be the life-changing experience that would eventually lead to the creation of Fitmo.

How does Fitmo differ from other fitness apps?

Fitmo connects people with health goals to real coaches. We believe that sustainable behavior change is only achievable with the help of other humans. The sense of accountability that Fitmo users have towards their coach is very different than what people experience with other apps. Personalization is key and other apps have been designed for larger user groups and are therefore mostly generic. Fitmo is an example of humanized technology and how human interaction is key opposed to other fitness apps which just use data to make decisions for you – so the human element and the intimate coaching is really the thing that makes Fitmo different from other fitness apps on the market.

Woman training and liaising with her personal trainer on the Fitmo app

What feedback have you seen so far?

I would say that clients love the fact that they communicate with their coach on a daily basis. It definitely provides an unparalleled level of accountability that the user has never experienced before from a fitness app. For the clients, who are maybe a bit more intrinsically motivated, the build-in workout player is a great feature of the app because it allows the user to take their workouts with them wherever they go. It’s great to see a client being able to workout while on vacation or business trip without having to be dependent on a gym. Because the workouts are 100% customized to the individual, the coach can always make changes to accommodate what’s going on in the client’s life. That’s pretty cool, and very convenient.

How do you source your personal trainers?

We get quite a few coaches applying per week to be on the Fitmo platform. We think that’s great because it shows that coaches are seeking a space outside of the gym to train their clients. It also means people are talking about Fitmo which we love.When deciding if a coach is a right fit for Fitmo and vice versa, we consider a number of factors. We take a look at their experience in training clients both one-on-one and online, their designations in personal training and/or health coaching and of course their personality. This is a people business so being able to connect with others is a BIG must. Furthermore, we’re looking for ambitious coaches who are excited to dive into online coaching and give it 110%. After a coach has gone through a one-on-one interview and are invited to join the platform, they will become familiar with how Fitmo works through a number of online training sessions, and will be monitored for success before they go “live” on the platform. Once live on the platform, we continue to make sure that all coaches meet a high quality standard and provide an excellent experience for their clients. Clients get to rate their coach and great coaches rise to the top.

What about language barriers between user and trainer?

We have both trainers and clients from around the world using Fitmo. Geographic location does not matter, and it’s inspiring to see coaches and clients connecting from across the world. Personal Training is finally catching up with the demands of modern life.

Do the trainers devise their own workouts?

Yes definitely. Trainers create workouts/exercises on a one-on-one basis for their clients. All plans are 100% personalized to the individual.

A screenshot of the Fitmo app

What are the package costs?

Coaches can determine their own online coaching rates much like a host on AIrbnb can set the price for their home. We have bespoke coaching starting from €40 a month where people will get a 100% customized program and daily coaching. We will also be launching a cheaper package soon which will help allow people to have their own personal coach starting from $20 a month. The schedule might not be 100% customized but some people might not need that especially when they just get started.

What type of users are you attracting?

Fitmo was created to be a personal trainer in your pocket. We wanted to enable people to get into shape, and reach their health and fitness goals regardless of their location. We aim to remove the barriers for people who want a personal trainer or health coach but cannot necessarily go to the gym or simply cannot afford one. Because let’s face it one-on-one sessions are costly but also are not always convenient. Not only is Fitmo affordable, but it also means that your trainer is always with you, and can create a plan that fits your needs. For example, using the built-in Fitmo workout player you can complete a workout in your hotel room, and all you need is your iPhone! Basically, we’ve created a no-excuse model to getting into shape and sticking to your goals.

Fitmo is really for everyone. We don’t take a one size fits all approach to as every client and trainer is unique. What I can say is that clients who use the app enjoy the accountability & flexibility that having a coach in their pocket allows. Clients can ask their coaches questions, for updates to their work or health plans and on top of this will receive motivation and feedback from their coach daily.

Screenshot of the Fitmo app

What developments lie ahead for Fitmo?

None that I can really share with you at this time, however we do have very ambitious plans and two years from now we expect to have helped over 1 million people achieve their personal health goal. Imagine the impact that has on these people and the people they care about. We want to make this world a healthier place and we are well on our way.

How can a user get the best experience from Fitmo?

Our aim isn’t to compete with in-person personal training but to make personal training accessible to everyone. For consumers, Fitmo is a way to work with a person coach when and where they want, and at a price that they can afford. For the coach, it is an extension of their business by making better use of their down time and a way to bring even more value to their clients. We try to make the app as easy to use as possible. That being said we offer a number of integrations with various health and fitness apps including RunKeeper and Jawbone UP so that clients can bring their health data to one place.

You can get started with Fitmo in three simple steps

Photography courtesy of Fitmo