Travel ‘Luggage-Free’ to and From the Airport

Enjoy luggage-free transits between the airport and your hotel in London

AirPortr is an on-demand luggage delivery service which supports fliers who prefer to travel light to and from Heathrow, Gatwick and London City Airport.

Launched in 2014 by the London based travel-tech startup, Portr and this innovative online booking platform strips away restrictions that baggage places on fliers traveling between airports in London and wherever they’re staying.

Airportr Luggage Free Travel

And just as this brand’s mantra is ‘Luggage Freedom’,  AirPortr concierges are available 24/7 to take care of a person’s suitcases and bags after they’ve made their booking online, over the phone or at the airport.

Before AirPortr launched, business people traveling between their hotels and airports in London would often struggle up and down escalators or be forced to bring their suitcases and bags with them to last minute business meetings ahead of a flight.

Today, fliers can book their AirPortr luggage concierge service on any device – ahead of and on the day of their flight.

Airportr Luggage Service

The AirPortr service works in the same way at Gatwick, Heathrow and London City Airport -apart from having different AirPortr meeting points and locations desks.

For fliers departing from London,  AirPortr will collect their luggage from any London address and deliver it to the airport for them.

Their luggage will be waiting with an AirPortr concierge on arrival at the airport and before the fliers check in.

For fliers landing in London, they can drop their luggage off with an AirPortr concierge situated in the airport terminal.

Their luggage will then be delivered promptly and securely to any London address and at a time that’s convenient for them later that day.

At Gatwick there are specific AirPortr desks (located at the North and South Terminals) and also at London City Airport.

At Heathrow there’s an AirPortr meeting point in each terminal’s Arrivals and Departures that’s closest to a fliers check-in area.

Westminster London Airportr

There’s also a Carousel Collection service at London City Airport which afford travelers the luxury of skipping the wait at the luggage carousel and journey straight to their destination.

All AirPortr luggage drop off’s are same day and prices are competitive.

Pricing is set for fliers at 10.00 GBP for the first bag for servicing a local airport address, at 20.00 GBP for the first bag for servicing a central London address and at 30.00 GBP for servicing an outer London address -also for the first bag.

Additional bags on all services are only 10.00 GBP each.

Airportr Iphone Heathrow

AirPortr especially suits business travelers who thrive best on efficiency and simplicity.

This service affords them the chance to send their bags and suitcases ahead and enjoy a luggage-free transit before and after a flight.

This means they could perhaps slot in another business meeting, meet up with a friend or just enjoy a few hours luggage-free downtime before or after a stressful flight.

Airportr Travel Luggage Free

For fliers using Gatwick airport, Gatwick Express passengers who book the AirPortr service via Gatwick Express can benefit from a reward rate.

The brand has also partnered with the on demand hospitality service, onefinestay

All bags in transit via AirPortr are X-rayed, tagged, sealed and tracked with their own unique number to ensure safe and secure delivery.

There’s also has  a loyalty and referral credit system.


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