Work out like a fitness influencer and stay in perfect shape whenever you’re on the go

Female business travelers who work out alongside personal trainers when they’re at home or in their regular gyms can now move things up a gear whenever they travel.

By appealing to those who want to enjoy the same game-changing workout routines favored by some of the world’s best fitness influencers, models and coaches, Fitplan mobile app is just the ticket.

Fitplan currently offers around 30 challenging 4-12 week workout routines or ‘Fitplans‘ that have been devised and used by some of the world’s best fitness industry stars.

After downloading this app users can quickly select a Fitplan that suits their fitness goals and begin to train like an athlete.

This innovative fitness app also instantly connects users with leading health and fitness advocates who are on hand to help support and encourage a fitness-focused lifestyle.

Inspiring fitness influencers who have partnered with Fitplan include Michelle Lewin and Jen Selter.

Additionally, exciting nutrition and workout plans, videos, tips and exercise tracking all create  a highly customized experience.

Jen for example, helps users to train using her own personal workout routine whereby they can track their weights, time and reps and view their progress daily.

They can also watch an HD video of every exercise that she performs to ensure proper form and then benefit from useful feedback.

Her bespoke 6-Week Lower Body & Booty Guide promises to help users unlock their full potential, build inner and outer confidence and find inspiration to train hard in her community.

Fitplan co-founders are Canadian’s Landon Hamilton and Cam Speck who launched their fitness app in 2016 hoping to help people make fitness a complete way of life.

Their winning app has already been featured by Apple five times and has seen 400,000 downloads since entering the competitive international fitness app marketplace.

‘A growing segment of the population is passionate about leading a fitness-driven lifestyle.’ explains Landon.

‘Fitplan came about because we wanted to give everyone the tools and resources to train like the fitness influencers and athletes so many of us follow on social media.

‘All you need is a plan, which is exactly what you get with Fitplan.

‘The app helps make fitness a part of who you are instead of just something that you do.’

The subscriber-based app offers unlimited free workouts or users can level up to get access to all Fitplans which include workouts such as a 60 Day Body Blast, a 30 Day Full Body Transformation and a 90 Day Beginner Challenge.

‘Many people can’t afford -or don’t want to pay for – pricey personal trainers. ‘ adds Cam.

‘Fitplan solves this problem by connecting its users directly with fitness influencers so that they can work out like their favorite fitness heroes – and at an affordable price point.’

The app also gets it right for businesswomen who travel often and who want to stay in shape on the road with the help of fitness coaches and athletes who they can trust.

‘Fitplan is the perfect app for anyone on the go who is trying to stay fit.’ he explains.

‘Because it’s accessible from your smartphone, users have access to a variety of convenient workouts wherever they are and whenever it suits them.

‘Some of the workouts don’t even require a gym – just a small space, like a hotel room!’

Otherwise, diet plans, cooking videos, recipes and a calorie tracker are being added to the growing Fitplan inventory later in 2017.

Fitplan is available on Android and Apple services.

By becoming a Fitplan subscriber you get:

  • Exercise tracking that remembers your reps and weights
  • Free single-day workouts
  • Daily feedback on which exercises need improvement
  • Form tips, exercise tracking, and video demonstrations by the athlete
  • Access to all Fitplans and weight tracking for $9.99 a month
  • New athletes and Fitplans added monthly

Photography courtesy of Fitplan



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