One of the Best : Pressed Juices in New York

A new cold-pressed juice brand is helping busy New Yorkers feel revitalized in the city

WellWell is an organic cold-pressed juice containing watermelon, tart cherry and lemon.

This all-natural healthy drink has recently become available to New Yorkers at a chic Soho storefront and is said to help people feel refreshed as they go about their daily lives in the city.

Billed as ‘Vital Hydration For Life In Motion.’ and WellWell promises enough nutrition to effectively and quickly mobilize the body’s recovery process during the dayime, whilst helping to promote a good sleep at night.

Wellwell NYC Soho Storefront

People can enjoy a WellWell juice after they workout at the popular fitness studio, SoHo Strength Lab since the WellWell storefront serves as this venue’s main entrance way.

SoHo Strength Lab guests who buy a WellWell juice can win fitness class packs to enjoy at other workout venues in Manhattan such as Barry’s Bootcamp and  Y7 Yoga.

WellWell Soho NYC

Group runs and fitness classes are also offered by the team at WellWell, plus people can enjoy juices served from a branded WellWell truck positioned at various locations around the city.

This natural juice product was originally created for fitness enthusiasts to help muscle recovery, speed up post workout recovery time and provide them with an alternative to standard sports hydration drinks.

In fact, CEO Sagan Schultz who created the product is a qualified fitness instructor and a sommelier.

When he was in need of a replenishing post-workout drink last summer Sagan set to work in his NYC apartment and mixed together his winning ingredients.

Today, his organic, GMO and sugar free drink contains concentrated organic tart cherry juice, pressed organic watermelon and biodynamic lemon.

Tart cherry contains five times the anti-oxidents of blueberries – which are said to promote re-hydration and prevent inflammation-  whilst watermelon contains L-citrulline which aids delivery of nutrients to the muscles.

The biodanmic lemon contains flavanoids and Vitamin C which boosts the immune system.

This organic juice is also stocked at CityRow, Solace New York, and Mile High Run Club, as well as at Whole Foods Market.

WellWell can also be ordered online.

WellWell Pressed Juices NYC

Photography courtesy of WellWell