Nail Designs and Lacquers That Are Healthy

Change your nail polish color at a moments notice and keep your nails healthy with these lacquers

Little Ondine is a welcome addition to the cosmetics industry and today the brand has some of the best selection of nail polish colors.

And particularly for businesswomen who travel often and prefer to use cruelty-free beauty products, these vegan-friendly, healthy nail polishes could be a must-have travel item.

Little Ondine’s odor free, non-toxic polishes and nail lacquers are derived from an all-in-one, and unique formula with new colors being offered by the company throughout the seasons.

A woman enjoying Little Ondine peelable nail polish

The nail polishes are made using pure water, organic mineral pigments and natural resin. They are also peelable, which means they may not damage nails or need harsh chemicals for removal.

If women are short of time before a dinner appointment or a business meeting and want to change the color of their nails or the nail design quickly, they could peel off their polish, clean their nails and replace with a new color, which will dry in just a few minutes.

The end result after peeling and painting is said to be a beautiful rich, smooth and glossy finish and nail designs.

A guide for using these unique nail polishes is also available online.

The extensive selection of over 85 shades are to die for and there’s a color and tone suitable for every occasion and season.

Best sellers include Honeymoon, Secret, Lava and Cacao with Smoky Mountain and Envy.

The company also launched a new collection for Spring/Summer 2016 called The Secret of My Heart.

This collection features a golden color called Love Affair, Baby Pink and First Kiss which may suit people who prefer to wear a prettier pink without going too bright or too dark.

A womans hand with painted red nails

The Twins collections continue to fuse the best qualities of the classic Little Ondine product in two handy mini bottles, which ensure people can enjoy a mix and match experience in a fun way.

The Little Ondine Practical Magic Twin SetThe mini bottles are also perfect for applying and touching up nail polish on the go.

The Little Ondine Limited Edition Winter Wonderland Collection provides an array of brilliant no-fuss glitter polishes.

The Little Ondine winter collection nail colors Little Ondine fans or their family and friends can always now enjoy any holiday celebration and season in style whenever they purchase any of their beautifully packaged collections online.

Through the winter holiday period for example, Snowflake, Mistletoe and Poinsettia colors quickly became firm favorites.

The Little Ondne Winter collection 2015

The company itself was founded in Shanghai in 2013 and now sells around 1800 bottles of nail polish every day.

Photography courtesy of Little Ondine