Your London Style With a Personal Stylist

Perfect your London style for your business trip with a British celebrity stylist

Personal stylist, Alex Longmore is one of the most sought-after fashion experts in the British fashion industry.

As well as injecting impeccable London style into some of the capital’s most exclusive wardrobes, Alex also works in television. She also operates her own unique business venture, Style Schoo which offers bespoke courses focused on fashion.

Alex’s school also sees her sharing her in-depth knowledge, talent and skills with students who want to become Personal Stylists. She also writes a fascinating blog.

Alex Longmore the Personal Stylist from London

‘I have so many contacts in London (and worldwide) that often people come to me to find that special something that no one else can find.’ Stylist,  Alex Longmore

Here, celebrity stylist Alex tells Nativa World about the exciting world of London fashion and gives her specialist insight into London style and how to and feel fashionably comfortable there.

Alex, how and why did you become a personal stylist?

I always wanted to be a stylist, from the age of about 8. I used to devour my grandmothers copies of Vogue and thought ‘One day, that’s what I want to do!’. I was always arty at school and on my 16th birthday I took my best friends out to lunch opposite a very smart shop in Knightsbridge and made them play dress up while I took photos of them in what I had styled them in. I still have those shots! Goodness knows what the shop attendants thought! I didn’t go to fashion college since my family thought a degree would be better and provide ‘something to fall back on’, so I read History of Art at University and then embarked on as much work experience at magazines in the holidays as I could. I have to say my degree in Art History has been very useful though since I’m constantly looking and analyzing.

What sets you apart from other stylists?

I think each stylist is different and unique so there’s nothing that sets me apart. I really enjoy the creative process of a shoot and am now just as involved in the art direction as I am in the styling process. I think I’m most proud of lasting at The Daily Mail newspaper for so long. I worked up from being the fashion assistant to the Style Editor and its seriously full on working at a national newspaper, that and starting ‘Style School’ – which is courses aimed at teaching people all about styling.

What styling services do you offer clients in London?

I offer personal styling to clients in London which includes dressing for special occasions to everyday dressing. I take clients around the stores and help them get the best from what’s on offer. I give advice and if the client needs it I bring the clothes for to them to try on. I have so many contacts in London (and worldwide) that often people come to me to find that special something that no one else can find. They find me through my website.

What’s your speciality?

I guess I’m known in the UK as a ‘Celebrity Stylist’ but there are so many different facets to what I do. I like to think of myself as an ‘Expert in Fashion’ since I’ve been doing my job for quite a while now! I love all aspects of my job such as my personal clients, celebrities, the brand ambassador roles that I hold, presenting on TV, advertising and still doing shoots.

Alex Longmore is a personal stylist based in London

How does working with celebrities differ? 

It’s always so fascinating to meet people in the public eye but I don’t really treat them any different to my private clients. I have got to do and see some amazing things being a celebrity stylist and have met some incredibly talented people along the way.

How important is maintaining a healthy lifestyle for looking good?

It’s hard work but imperative. Speaking from experience a great hair cut goes a long way so invest in one of those and always make time for the gym – it helps clothes to look their best. The best make-up artist in London (and the world) is the wonderful Mary Greenwell, However, if you don’t have the budget to see Mary then I’d suggest Charlotte Tilbury’s make up counter at Selfridges which gives the best make over’s and advice to looking wonderful, not to mention the best products. For beauty STRIP does the best waxing, and for all round beauty Denise at Blade Runners in Notting Hill is excellent. My personal trainer, John Rigby is at my gym, Body Works West in Notting Hill. He’s excellent at his game and makes me work day after day. I’m also a fan of Jivamukti Yoga, where Melody gives the best classes. For a good color and cut in London I love Carla for cut and Lynette for color in HARI’s on the Brompton Road.

Alex’s London Travel & Style Tips:

  • Research the weather in the UK, it’s normally raining so bring a rain coat and a travel umbrella!
  • Wear material that is breathable so you don’t show any signs of being under pressure. (Sweat is not a good thing!)
  • Layer up and down (depending on the weather) so pack little cardigans and jumpers. (one minute you’re in the rain and wind and the next up in an elevator, boiling- so layers is always a good idea)
  • UK women tend to dress down and wear a lot of black, so if you want to fit in, opt for this.
  • Pack comfy shoes and sneakers for seeing the sights of London – people walk a lot in this city so its important to be comfortable.
  • Its a really diverse city so really anything goes on the style front
  • Pack light as there will be lots of things you will want to bring home from all the amazing shops and boutiques we have here!

Alex’s Top London Fashion Choices:

  • Anything by Stella McCartney
  • A new Shrimp Faux Fur Jacket if its Autumn
  • I love the designer Vita Kin – Boho at it’s best
  • A tartan coat by Prada if its cold
  • Anything that has a sixties vibe to it.

Photography courtesy of Alex Longmore