New Trends: Sunnies to Reflect How You Feel

Modern fashionistas are buying several pairs of the same brand of sunnies

Quay Australia offers an array of fashionable summer sunglasses to its customers to compliment how they feel during their day.

If they buy a selection of different pairs, they can also change up their sunglasses on each day of the week – depending on their mood.

Quay Australia is said to provide sunglasses to individuals who prefer to stand out from the crowd, take risks in their lives and also with their fashion choices.

The brand is known to attract the non-conforming, free-thinking type who has a fearless sense of style or who perhaps wants to create a unique vintage and retro-inspired sunglasses collection.

The brand’s motto is ‘Life Is Too Short To Fit In‘ and it’s from this mantra that their sunglasses are designed and named.

Quay Australia’s array of colors and designs can be matched to almost any mood – or to the style of the individual who wears them.

Woman wearing summer sunglasses by Quay Australia

Over the past decade Quay Australia has caught the eye of celebrity trendsetters such as Gwen Stefani, Vanessa Hudgens, Kylie Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Lady Gaga, to name a few.

Businesswoman, pop star and fashion maven Gwen Stefani is famed for taking style risks and is often spotted out wearing  unique outfits, as well as eye-catching hairstyles.

The entrepreneur has also recently launched her first eyewear collection.

Pop star Gwen Stefani wearing Quay Australia sunglasses

Quay Australia originates from Melbourne and is the brainchild of Allan and Linda Hammond who out of a love of music designed and brought their small collection of affordable sunglasses to music events in the local area.

After launching their first collection in 2004 they were joined by their son Zak in 2009 who began to work further on the design side.

Zak taught himself how to draw frames and produce replicas of original vintage or retro frames.

Today, this family masterminded an incredible fashion journey with Quay Australia now showcasing sunglasses at over 2000 retailers worldwide.

As well as running an online business, the company has collaborated over the years with leading apparel e-retailers such as ASOS and Urban Outfitters.

Quay Australia Dixi Blue sunglasses

Celebrity and non-celebrity Quay Australia  devotees can now add even more of a kick to their wardrobes, show their true colors and switch their daily style with mirrored lenses, embellished frames and dynamic designs.

The Harlm design comes in gray and purple and also in gray and pink.

These sunglasses have translucent gray half-frames made with stainless steel hinges and a material called polycarbonate which form durable and high-impact resistant lenses.

Specific care instructions are provided online with every item sold by Quay Australia.

These instructions include to not wear sunglasses on top of the head or to not bring them into any contact with salt water and/or chemicals.

China Doll is one of the brands bestsellers and comes in three different shades- clear and silver, black and smokey, and tortoiseshell and brown.

This line features round mirrored lenses and sturdy frames.

They offer 100 % UV protection and as with all Quay Australia products, a three month warrantee

Outside Squad comes in a black/white and smokey combination, as well as gray and silver.

This line features an oversized design and a circle shade silhouette.

A favorite summer choice are the Kiss and Tell Octagon Mirror Sunglasses which come in rose and blue or rose and pink.

These have nickel-free, light-weight frames, the polycarbonate lens which is gradient-tinted and adjustable nose pads made from silicone for comfort.

The Kiss and Tell sunglasses also offer a secure fit with slimmer arms and curved temple tips.

Quay Australia also offers gift cards, care kits and hard cases on their online store, as well as worldwide shipping.

As an ethical company they take a firm stance vis a vis human rights and the working conditions for their staff within their factories.

The company doesn’t employ children, offers safe and clean working conditions to all its employees and their working hours aren’t excessive.

Otherwise, materials used to manufacture Quay Australia sunglasses don’t contain harsh chemicals.

Photography courtesy of Quay Australia & ASOS