Successful Blogging as a Young Entrepreneur

How to create a blog in seven days as a young entrepreneur

Ariana Pierce is a young entrepreneur who coaches and supports millennials as they follow their dreams in enterprise and who want to create blogs.

She’s also an example of a businesswoman who has dedicated her time and efforts to creating and maintaining successful entrepreneurship – specifically within the blogging industry.

Superstar Nail Lacquer marked the beginnings of Ariana’s  startup journey and was founded when she was only 17 years old.

This nationally-known, toxin-free nail polish line fast propelled her into the US beauty startup sector where Ariana went on to launch several other businesses.

Today Florida-based Ariana also runs a thriving blog and an online accessories and beauty portal called Style Shoppe.

As an experienced fashion blogger and influencer,  Ariana has released the book, How to Build Your Blogging Business: In a Week.

This useful guide offers simple and actionable steps to create a blog and includes essential tools for young entrepreneurs to stay organized during the process.

Ariana Pierce is a Fashion Blogger and Entrepreneur

Listen to what your audience is asking for. When you deliver interesting topics that they enjoy, it’ll keep you in front of them.’- Ariana Pierce-Fashion Blogger, Style and Travel Expert and Entrepreneur

Here 25 year-old Ariana tells Nativa World about her new book, how to create a blog, what drives and inspires her and she reveals her secrets to ultimate blogging success…

Ariana, what does the word ‘Achieve’ mean to you?

To me, the word achieve means to finish your goals or assignments you set out to do in life. Whether it be a career, family or personal goal, accomplishing things off your list is definitely true achievement in life.

What set you on the path to entrepreneurship?

What set me on the path to entrepreneurship at such a young age has a lot do with my grandfather and mother’s influence. They both had businesses they were running while I was growing up. I would see them do business deals, negotiate and network on a consistent basis. It was something that made me want to be an entrepreneur myself. Seeing them sparked a dream in me to build an empire that I could call my own one day.

What inspires you every day?

What continues to inspire and drive me as an entrepreneur on a daily basis is seeing young people’s lives changed through reading my book or reading my blog. Every time I hear a testimonial, I’m reminded that my purpose here is not just for myself, but it’s to help inspire others to live their dreams now and not later.

What challenges have you faced?

One of the challenges that have come with being a Millennial Entrepreneur is demanding respect in such a mature industry like beauty. When I started Superstar Nail Lacquer, I was one of the youngest nail polish owners in that market, so people didn’t take me seriously. I would go to do deals with other companies and once they found out that I was only 18 at the time, they tried to challenge and even at times embarrass me. I pushed past those challenges by becoming very knowledgeable on my industry and learning the ins and outs of it. That way, when I was challenged, I knew exactly how to respond and that caused me to gain respect in my field.

Superstar Nail Lacquers is a non-toxic nail polish line

How did you fund your first business?

It was self-funded from money that was saved and from profits I made to put back into my business. Superstar Nail Lacquer was not my first business, but it’s the one I became the most passionate about at that time. I really wanted to start a business that included beauty and fashion elements, so this was my baby. I learned the ropes of setting up this and my other business at a young age by watching my mother run her own business.

What’s the focus of your personal brand?

The main element to my personal brand would be being personable. I believe in connecting with my customers, clients and followers on a relatable level. Over the years, I have discovered that people really do appreciate you responding to them, saying thank you and being open to hear their concerns. It has caused all of our businesses to be successful, especially the new Style and Travel Girl Passport Covers. They have been a major hit online because it was a project that our audience was able to give their input on and help to create.

How do you manage six businesses in tandem?

Yes, I’m running 6 businesses at the same time, and it works because I’m a serious planner. I’m a hands on person, so I make time either daily or weekly to check on each of them. Really it comes down to systems and planning. Once you have a system in place for your business, it can flow much easier and I discovered that creating checklists for my businesses helps keep things on track and keeps me from feeling frustrated or overwhelmed.

What’s your secret to blogging success?

My secret to blogging successfully and gaining traction is consistency. If you really want to grow your blog or even a business, you have to keep at it every single day. When it comes to having longevity, it’s about staying current and relevant with the times. Also, listen to what your audience is asking for. When you deliver interesting topics that they enjoy, it’ll keep you in front of them.

What’s your secret to successful monetization?

My secret to successfully monetizing a blog is to put good content on there to drive traffic to your site. Once you get traffic, you attract advertisers, collaborators and affiliates who will do business with you on your blog.

What’s the ‘Billionheir’ concept?

The Billionheir concept went along with a business I had as a teenager called, The Billionheir Girl’s Club. It was meant to motivate and inspire young people to do business, succeed in school and respect authority. It has now evolved to me doing business coaching with my mom for our Success Mastery program. I use the platform now to inspire millennial entrepreneurs to build businesses and show them how to be successful at it.

What are the key steps to building a successful blog?

The most important step to building a successful blog is to identify who you want to serve. I consider this the most important step because when you are not clear on your audience, you’ll be confused on what to post and it will slow down your blogging growth. I talk more about this in my book, How to Build Your Blogging Business in a Week. Some other things to consider when building your blog is to choose a good blog theme or name, protect your site with good security against pirates, design a great site, and ultimately create really good content that keeps your audience involved and coming back to your site.

Build Your Blogging Business In A Week is a book by Ariana Pierce

How did you build your personal brand?

I grew my personal brand by taking the time to really connect with my audience. It was easy to create because I was able to be real and I found out the more relatable I became, the more people could feel the authenticity of my brand and blog. This personal brand space is hot for millennial entrepreneurs because this generation is very personable. With social media right at our fingertips, it’s easy to connect with brands and influencers who were once untouchable. When you take the time to connect with your audience, they become loyal and committed readers and clients. Just remember when you are building your personal brand online, don’t show things that are inappropriate or unprofessional for your industry. Building a successful image means showing more of the good and positive things about your life.

Ariana’s Tips For Growing Social Media Reach:

  • Facebook: Posting daily will help you grow your Facebook. The more content and information you put out, the more people will interact with you.
  • Twitter: Join in on trending topics to grow your Twitter following. If it’s relevant to you, then talk about what’s going on by giving your opinion then using that particular hashtag. For example, during NYFW, I’ll talk about fashion and nail art that I spotted for the season then use the trending hashtag – #NYFW or #NYFashionWeek. I gain lots of followers who are into beauty and fashion because they like the content I’m delivering.
  • Instagram: Even with all the changes happening with Instagram, you can still grow your following daily. One of the ways to do so is by engaging, a lot, on others pages that have the same interests as you. So if you are a travel expert, engage and comment on those who love to travel and have pictures from around the world. When you do that, it’ll cause more people to come back on your page, check you out, and even follow you.

Ariana Pierce is an American entrepreneur, blogger and author

Photography courtesy of Ariana Pierce

Ariana has also released Skip the Party, Start a Business: A Must-Know Guide to a Good Life, Real Love and Successful Entrepreneurship