Stress Management With a Health Coach in SF

How businesswomen can manage stress and enjoy a healthy, balanced lifestyle

San Francisco native Jessica Kleid is a health coach who works closely with businesswomen on their stress management.

As a natural health consultant, Jessica’s proven method includes providing her clients with customized stress management tools, beneficial workout routines and healthy eating plans, as well as holding them accountable for how they live their lives.

Jessica Kleid is a health coach who is based in San Francisco

I love helping people and have found it extremely rewarding to help other women to love themselves fully and to live the lives they always wanted for themselves.’ Jessica Kleid, Health Coach

Jessica explains to Nativa World how her health programs help her clients with stress management in order to create lasting health and happiness for them.

Jessica, why did you become a health coach?

After years of struggling with my own body image, a friend of mine suggested I look into health coaching. At the time, I had just lost my dad to cancer and was working a corporate job that didn’t fulfill me. I realized that something was missing in my life and that something was holding me back from becoming the woman I wanted to be. I took a leap of faith and decided to pursue health coaching. I love helping people and have found it extremely rewarding to help other women to love themselves fully and to live the lives they always wanted for themselves.

What makes your method unique?

Health coaches can specialize in many different fields, but I work specifically with women who relate to my own personal story in some way. My typical client is busy and works in a high-stress environment, whether it’s a corporate job or motherhood, or someone who has always dealt with body image issues. I teach my clients sustainable stress management tools, how to eat well even with a busy schedule, tips to improve energy naturally, and offer additional program add ons like a pantry makeover, grocery store tours, or cooking classes. I will even attend workouts with my clients if asked. I customize my programs based on what the client wants and I hold my clients accountable, which is often the factor that’s missing when implementing health or diet changes.

What’s the process?

I meet with my clients on a bi-weekly basis for 50 minute sessions. In the weeks between these sessions we have 30 minute check in sessions so that I can ensure the client is doing well with any new changes in their diet or lifestyle. Many of my clients travel or do not live locally, so I’m available to meet with clients in person, via Skype, or by phone. They can contact me initially by phone or email .Many clients prefer face-to-face interaction, but that is just preference.

Could they come for one session?

Although clients will benefit the most from regular sessions over an extended period of time, I can offer two hour “power” sessions. Science shows that it takes six months to establish lasting changes in diet and lifestyle, so I recommend my six month program or three month program.

What are the body benefits?

Some of the main benefits my clients experience are weight loss, improved digestion, reduced pain, clearer skin, softer hair, better sleep, and improved energy and clarity. I customize each program to focus on each client’s health goals, so results may vary.

How does your method help with diet and stress management?

Stress management and nutrition play a huge role in my programs. When stress is reduced and a healthy diet is implemented, clients then experience other health improvements like reduced physical pain, better digestion and increased energy. When these areas are improved, it really helps everything else improve such as the client’s mood, body image, confidence, and their ability to enjoy life more fully. This in turn effects the quality of the client’s relationships, fitness levels and career fulfillment. It’s really amazing how much everything is connected. For example, there was a period in my life when I was having trouble losing the college weight I had put on. I exercised rigorously and improved my diet, but for over a year was not seeing the results I wanted. At the same time I was working in a corporate job I found unfulfilling and was in an unhealthy living situation. No matter how well I ate or how much I exercised, it wasn’t until I found a new living arrangement and found a job I loved that the weight started to melt off. Issues I had always had with my digestion were no longer issues and this pain I had in my hip went away. As a result I felt better and my mood improved. There was a huge stress lifted off me. I began to enjoy life the way I always should have. My clients’ stories might differ from my own, but my clients are always almost shocked to discover how one change in one area of their life can impact everything else.

What do most of your clients come to you for?

Nearly all of my clients are businesswomen. These women are busy with lots to juggle. I hold them accountable to their health goals and introduce a few small changes to their diet or lifestyle in every session. I never make lists of things clients cannot do or enforce restrictions. My goal as a natural health coach is to teach clients sustainable changes that are realistic with their lifestyle. Most of my clients come to me for stress management tools, whole food education, tips to eat well with a busy schedule, cooking classes, and recipes. I have even had clients who hired me simply to create meal plans and go grocery shopping with them, so it really depends on what the client wants.

How long would it take to see improvements?

My clients typically report improvements with their digestion, stress levels, and energy levels after just a couple of sessions. Doctors are busy people and only have so much time to spend with you, so just having a natural health coach to talk to who can give you the personal attention you deserve is a huge benefit of my services in and of itself.

Jessica’s Tips For Travel:

  • Prepare meals before your trip and ensure you eat healthy snacks throughout to keep your energy levels up while on the go
  • Learn how to order healthier meals at restaurants
  • Plan workouts to do on your own in your hotel room

Photography courtesy of Jessica Kleid