How Sound Healing Helps You Take on the World

Sound healing at WOOM CENTER may help you feel invincible in New York City

Vibration and sound healing have long been associated with re-balancing and restoring the mind and body.

In ancient times for example, people used music, instruments and chanting to help soothe and heal. And whilst sound healing is said to derive from Australia where Aborigines used instruments to treat wounds and illnesses, Egyptians also housed sound healing rooms in pyramids.

They believed that healing using sound and music re-balanced the mind and body – and led to complete health.

Today, an innovative yoga and meditation center in downtown Manhattan is offering multi-sensory, self- exploratory experiences based on the therapeutic properties of sound vibration and sound healing.

The Yoga, Meditation and Sound Studio at WOOM

WOOM CENTER was created by Elian and David Zach-Shemesh. Their futuristic facility is the first of its kind in the United States.

WOOM not only helps people gain clarity and feel relaxed using sound healing, vibrations, meditation, essential oils and yoga, but the experiences offered can help improve confidence and create feelings of empowerment as the consciousness is explored.

‘Feeding ourselves a positive sonic, visual and olfactory diet can increase confidence and creativity and reduce stress and anxiety.’ Explains Elian.

‘We believe that diving deep into the different layers of our consciousness should be available for everyone.

‘Knowledge is power and self-knowledge is a superpower.

‘Visiting our studio also gives people an opportunity to detach from the hustle and bustle of daily life in New York City and from some of the mind chatter.

‘Practitioners normally leave WOOM sessions feeling inspired, rejuvenated, strengthened and armed with a newfound perspective.

‘They feel ready to take on the world.’

The Studio at WOOM

The sound vibration and sound healing experiences at WOOM focus entirely on the senses. People can begin a unique journey of self exploration and discovery and feel better connected and calm  – which can in turn also lead to healing.

‘The science of cymatics (the science of making sound visible) reveals how vibration influences matter, such as water, creating perfect geometric patterns in it, which grow in complexity as the frequency rises.’ Says Elian.

‘Sound also moves about 4 times faster in water than it does in air.

‘Since we’re made of at least 60% water, we can assume that a similar manifestation of sound happens within us.

‘With intention, listening and practice, healing can indeed take place.

‘Albert Einstein said, “Everything in life is vibration,” and under this rationale, working with sound is an opportunity to merge vibration with vibration and reach a state of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual resonance, as we are vibrational beings ourselves.’

This studio offers a selection of safe and comprehensive mind/body/spirit experiences and meditation classes which are also perfect for the jet lagged business traveler who may feel disconnected, out of sorts or not themselves when they’re away from home.

‘The most popular experiences at WOOM are the 2.5-hour session WOOM Sound Experience, and our WOOM Yoga Experience/Super WOOM.’ Explains Elian.

‘They’re true experiences, versus classes.

‘Practitioners are guided into deeper realms of self.

‘WOOM Sound Experience is our most profound and comprehensive sound journey and combines an educational talk about the therapeutic and psychedelic properties of sound, use of voice, breath, and overtone-emitting instruments, along with our audio-visual installation and signature essential oil blend.

‘WOOM Yoga and Super WOOM combine all of the above along with our particular Vinyasa sequencing.’

The studio at WOOM has an impressive 3D sound system and visual installation with audio-reactive software.

There’s also a welcoming organic cafe which serves tea, coffee and elixirs which provide healthy tonics for women on-the-go in the city and add to the overall experience for them at WOOM.

The cafe at WOOM CENTER

‘We find that women really resonate with our various practices, both movement and meditative varieties, because they are, very generally speaking, innately more in tune with themselves.’ Adds Elian.

‘In fact, a variety of spiritual philosophies claim that women are born closer to source, and generally have less work to do on this earthly plane in that respect.

‘Busy women usually juggle a ton of responsibilities, whether managing careers and personal lives, or adding taking care of a household and continuing their education.

‘A woman who is able to observe her many different parts, fully embrace herself, then share that unconditional acceptance with her loved ones and then with her community is a true leader.

‘This is the kind of stuff that can save the world.’

WOOM CENTER is located at 274 Bowery, 2nd Floor.

Photography courtesy of WOOM CENTER