Scarves and Shawls Inspired by Adventure

These scarves and shawls look and feel luxurious and compliment any travel wardrobe

Scarves and shawls by the British designer, Celia Gould can be transitioned between day and night and reveal her passion for photography and travel.

And whilst each of Celia’s designs arise from photographs taken during her travels around the world, the luxurious fabrics used to make her scarves and shawls are specially sourced.

Today Celia’s designer scarf collection may provide something unique for women to wear- and in any way that they chose.

A woman wearing a scarf by Celia Gould

The Rangoon Living Silk Scarf

Each scarf is also meant to help promote feelings of adventure from within whilst at the same time they are said to unleash Celia’s own story of discovery and design ingenuity to the world.

These scarves and shawls could be appealing to women who travel often and who may have an eye for beauty, culture and style.

They may also speak to women who notice unique details around them whenever they visit different places.

Two women wearing luxurious scarves by Celia Gould

Scarves and shawls by Celia Gould

Celia’s London Spring design is a scarf derived from a photograph she took which captured the beauty and color of springtime in one of her favorite city’s.

An abundance of pastel pinks and oranges merge with dusky shades against the backdrop of a clear blue London sky.

London Spring by Celia Gould

Celia Gould’s photograph which inspired the London Spring Silk Scarf

Celia says, ‘When Spring comes to London it’s as if I remember all over again what living is all about.

‘Something about the blue skies, the sound of birds singing and a hint of warm in the air puts a spring in my step.

‘Take in London on such a day, this scarf of vibrant blues and pinks is bound to give your day some Spring fever.’

London Spring is a scarf that could suit jeans, a white shirt and a blazer, as well as a little black dress. It’s made with specially sourced silk satin and because of its size and color, is said to be one of the most glamorous items in her collection.

The London Spring scarf by Celia Gould

The London Spring scarf by the British designer, Celia Gould

Other scarf and shawl choices are Damascus Silk. This scarf was inspired by Celia’s wanderings around Manger Square in Bethlehem where she spotted brightly colored fabrics from Syria.

The image that Celia used to create this scarf was printed on super soft luxurious silk satin.

The scarf is also lined with a light cotton jersey that provides warmth

A woman wearing the Damascus Silk scarf by Celia Gould

The Damascus Silk scarf by the British designer, Celia Gould

The Ayalon Lined scarf  has been re-created especially for the winter months using the same light cotton jersey material.

This scarf was inspired by Celia’s longing to reach home after a long day driving and of her wanting her home comforts.

Ayalon can be transitioned for an evening look or dressed down for the day.

Celia began her fashion design journey when she was based in Tel Aviv with her husband Matthew -who was the then UK ambassador to Israel.

As she set about discovering the city and its environs she began taking photographs and capturing anything and everything on camera that inspired and moved her.

A photograph of Myanmar Pearls by Celia Gould

A photograph by Celia Gould of Myanmar pearls

After deciding to see if any patterns within her images might look good on silk scarves Celia began experimenting.

Today Celia works with digital silk printer suppliers in Italy and China.

The Myanmar Scarf by Celia Gould

Myanmar Scarf by Celia Gould

Celia Gould scarves and shawls are stocked at boutiques in Milan and Tel Aviv and can also be ordered online.

A woman wearing a scarf by the British designer Celia Gould

Lightweight and luxurious silk scarf by Celia Gould

Photography courtesy of Celia Gould