Save Time With This Taxi Booking App

CabbyGo is a taxi booking app with choices that gives control to riders and drivers.

The app connects drivers with riders in a simple way, with riders selecting their location, destination and their preferred driver.

Offering an innovative approach to rideshare technology, CabbyGo is set to arrive on the streets of New York City, San Francisco and Los Angeles this year.

The arrival in these cities is part of the apps worldwide service launch.

Woman using the Cabbygo taxi booking app

The CabbyGo app is free to download and allows riders to select their driver based on fare cost, as well as other qualities such as the type of car they’d like, or even which driver may be the nearest and quickest to arrive.

Via selecting a combination of price, proximity and driver reputation this ensures that each and every rider is entirely happy with the overall car service they receive.

There’s a ‘Quick Pickup’ facility with live tracking where users get the driver’s contact information and can track them on a map and  know that they’re definitely on the way.

A woman getting into a taxi

The Founder and CEO of CabbyGo is Pittsburgh-based Joshua Freedman who says the patented ‘Auction Site’ technology has never been seen before in a taxi app.

He says, ‘One of the major flaws in other taxi apps like Uber, is that in peak periods, the prices automatically go up.

‘CabbyGo has patented Value-Set Technology, so drivers can offer lower prices if they desire.

‘With CabbyGo, the prices go down as drivers compete for a rider’s business, and with our Reputation-Plus Rating System, service is improved.’

CabbyGo screen shot

The companies support comes from riders choosing their advertisers as destinations. This means they can get a much better deal on their next ride. The app also works well for drivers since they can set their own prices and chose which rides they want.

Drivers all undergo background checks, are screened, insured and have Commercial Driver’s Licenses. They can join the network on

Photography courtesy of CabbyGo