This Safety App Works By Voice Recognition

A safety app that uses voice recognition is changing the way people cope in distress

Feeling vulnerable and afraid is a given whenever anyone’s in distress. But if people can’t reach for their phone, and their friends or family aren’t there to help them, their stress levels might escalate further.

SecretlySafe is a new safety app that uses voice recognition to alert police to a location where someone is in trouble. It also helps people feel calmer and supported at the same time.

Without needing to touch their smartphones, SecretlySafe users only need to say 4 or 6 pre-programed words which uses voice recognition picked up by their device and an alert triggered.

A central monitoring center will then immediately contact the police.

By using this safety app during any such situation, anxiety will be reduced. The possibility of staying focused and calm is introduced and people will receive support from afar when they need it most.

The SecretlySafe call center is alerted when 4-6 words are picked up by a users smartphone

The SecretlySafe 24/7 call center includes a team of operators who stay on the phone with users and keep them calm until police arrive.

As a complete digital safety solution this new mobile app also combines its pioneering voice recognition technology with other essential features such as live video/audio streaming and live location updates.

These are supplied to emergency responders so they know exactly what’s happening.

The Live Streaming function on the SecretlySafe app

SecretlySafe’s Founder and President Justin H. Moehringer launched his safety app earlier this year and says it also supports businesswomen who travel solo and might feel vulnerable in new cities.

He explains, ‘A female business traveler will often be traveling alone to unfamiliar locations, staying alone in hotels, and interacting with people she doesn’t know well.

‘SecretlySafe was built with these types of vulnerable situations in mind.

‘Our 24/7 monitoring center ensures that once an alert is detected, she will be in constant contact with one of our operators, until help arrives.

‘Our call center will use her phone’s GPS to direct emergency services, removing the need for her to know exactly where she’s located.’

After downloading this safety app, users just need to create a customized 4-6 word phrase for voice recognition which they can use whenever they’re in trouble.

If an emergency arises, users would say their phrase and operators will direct emergency services to their location.

If enabled, the other features (video/audio streaming and emergency contact updates) will work automatically. Family and friends will also receive a link whenever an alert is activated and a false alarm can easily be recorded.

SecretlySafe works completely hands free, but a useful panic button is available if a user is in a situation where they can’t speak.

Using the panic button on the SecretlySafe app

New York City-based Justin conceived his idea in August 2016 after watching the tragic news stories covering the horrible attacks on joggers Karina Vetrano and Vanessa Marcotte in the United States.

‘Neither of them had the opportunity to get to their phone to call for help.’  He explains.

‘Incorporating voice recognition into our personal safety app, provides the opportunity to immediately notify emergency services without having to touch your phone.

After researching other cases similar to Ms Vetrano and Ms Marcotte, we added the ability to send live video/audio streaming and live GPS location updates to emergency responders.

‘Our product provides a complete solution to many different emergency situations.’

SecretlySafe is available in the US on the Apple App Store.

Subscription is $4.99 per month and comes with a free one-month trial.

Photography courtesy of Secretly Safe &  Justin H. Moehringer