Relaxation at Salt Therapy Rooms in New York

Enjoy relaxation and improve your skin at a salt therapy room in the Big Apple

A visit to a salt therapy room at Breathe Salt Room in New York City may help to promote relaxation and boost overall health and wellbeing.

Breathe Salt Room is the only dry salt therapy center in Manhattan and came to life after yoga expert and co-founder, Ellen Patrick and her husband Gary Patrick discovered dry salt therapy rooms in Eastern Europe.

Ellen Patrick is the co-founder of Breathe Easy in New York City

Known formally as ‘Halotherapy‘, this practice is rooted in Poland where a doctor once discovered that the salt miners who he was treating enjoyed healthy respiratory systems.

In essence, salt is an all-natural and effective antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory mineral that is said to help combat colds, eczema and allergies.

The traditional Eastern European practice of halotherapy is also said to help to combat stress.

Within the rooms at the Manhattan Breathe Salt Room venue the walls are covered in Himalayan salt crystals. Ground, dry salt is infused into the air via a halogenerator.

The Breathe Easy salt therapy room in New York City

This restorative Himalayan ‘salt cave’ has attracted stars and athletes such as Tiki Barber, Jets Running back, Chris Ivory and Aviva Drescher – all of whom have come to relax whilst breathing micro particles of dry salt for 45 minutes.

Within the luxurious salt rooms there are also beds and a soothing atmosphere.

Sessions are 25 minutes long and work well for clientele with busy schedules.

A Breathe Easy salt bed

Breathe Salt Rooms also hosts beneficial yoga classes during salt sessions.

Here all of the yoga poses focus on developing strength, flexibility and range of motion in areas specifically used by the body to breathe.

Women attending a Breathe Easy Salty Yoga class in New York City

The One Park Avenue location in Manhattan also houses a salt bed for private, individual treatments.

Breathe Salt Room Seasonal Offerings include:

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Photography courtesy of Breathe