Beauty Hacks: Get Radiant Skin on the Go

Sydney makeup artist Allison Boyle gives her top tips to maintain radiant skin when traveling

Allison Boyle is a leading Sydney-based celebrity makeup artist who is admired throughout the beauty world for creating immaculate and natural makeup looks as well as luminous and beautiful skin.

She has worked with Miranda Kerr, Natalie Imbruglia, Nicole Richie and Cat Deeley and is one of Australia’s most favored makeup artists because of her light approach to applying makeup.

Allison is also known to use natural makeup products on her clients and recently collaborated with an Australian organic makeup brand.

SCOUT Cosmetics produces natural, healthy cosmetics without compromising style and glamour and is the brainchild of Sylvie Hutchings. 

Allison Boyle and Sylvie Hutchings

Sylvie’s mission was to provide women with beauty products made with quality organic ingredients and that are free from potentially toxic chemicals.

Today her beauty brand bridges the gap between natural and glamour within the cosmetics industry. Its array of natural and safe cosmetics, skin, nail and hair care products provide top organic makeup to women for their makeup kits whilst giving them a healthier choice.

Allison Boyle is a makeup artist from Sydney

‘I find when you’re away from home it’s a good time to try new looks.’ Allison Boyle, Makeup Artist, Sydney

Here Allison tells Nativa World why teaming up with Sylvie and SCOUT Cosmetics has been a perfect match.  Allison also shares her beauty and makeup tips and explains how to maintain radiant skin when traveling….

Allison, how and why did you become a makeup artist?

I was hairdressing for a number of years in QLD and decided to make the move to Sydney. I worked in fashion wholesale and retail for a while but I really needed to get back to a creative career and I decided to study makeup. Which was a perfect compliment to my hair background

What’s your forte?

I tend to be known for my light approach to makeup. I like skin to look beautiful and luminous and to still look like skin.

What’s your definition of beauty?

Beauty is everywhere and everyone has something beautiful about them. It’s about making a person look their best but keeping true to their personality.

What’s on-trend in Sydney with regards to makeup and beauty?

Bold lips (whether they be dark or bright) are really popular and skin is little more matte. Formulas for all products are always improving in leaps and bounds. It’s a really good idea to overhaul your personal makeup kit at least once a year. Or just pop into the beauty counters to check out what’s new. Grab some samples, that always a good way to try before committing.

Which beauty items are always in your handbag and makeup kit?

I’m really low maintenance when it comes to touch ups, I always lose makeup if I carry it in my bag. I tend to pack a neutral lip gloss like Scout Cosmetics Mineral Gloss in “Zest” and a concealer. I’m very lucky and I’m sent a lot of products to try, so they usually find their way into my handbag.

Mineral Lipgloss by SCOUT Cosmetics

Who or what inspires you in your work?

I’m always researching and I love fashion and beauty history. The internet/Instagram has been amazing for looking back at so many magical moments, for both film and fashion/beauty magazines

What’s special about SCOUT cosmetics?

I love Sylvie’s passion for the product line she’s created. Scout is a great natural alternative as there’s so many chemicals that we’re surrounded by in our day to day life. I love the loose mineral eyeshadows like “She” for a great matte neutral or “LA Woman” for a shimmery sexy bronze and radiant skin. The mineral Crème Foundation compact also gives a beautiful light coverage and is perfect for your handbag and easy touch ups.

Mineral eyeshadow by SCOUT Cosmetics

Have you any defining moments in your career?

I can’t name a defining moment but there are special moments happening all the time. Which is why I love this industry so much, it’s always evolving and is quite addictive. You’re always trying to learn and improve your makeup skills.

When you work with celebrity clients, how does the process work?

It depends on the job. Sometimes there’s a strict brief we have to follow, given by the clothing stylist. Other times it can be a very relaxed collaboration. Occasionally I get complete freedom to create whatever look I like.

Have celebrities ever given you any makeup tips?

All the time. Some of these ladies work with THE BEST makeup artists in the world and have great tips and products they like to share. And likewise, I’ll tell them about any new favorites I’ve discovered.

What makeup look works best for businesswomen in Sydney?

I think simple is always best. It depends on your personal style. Some people can get away with a lot more makeup than others but its always key to make sure you have the correct color foundation and make sure everything is blended well. You don’t want your makeup to be distracting in a business setting.

What sets you apart from other makeup artists?

I’m not sure if this sets me apart but I like to work quickly and without fuss. I think all of my salon experience taught me that people are busy and its not good to keep them waiting. I also stay really calm, even when the pressure is on, which is really important.

Allison’s beauty products for a business trip to Sydney:

  • Sunscreen
  • Your essential skincare products
  • A hydrating or purifying mask depending on skin type
  • A mineral powder for to keep the shine at bay and add a little extra coverage
  • A fun lip color. I find when you’re away from home it’s a good time to try new looks.

Lipsticks by SCOUT cosmetics

Allison’s tips for a business trip to Sydney:

  • In Summer bring your cozzie and a big hat for after work
  • Make sure you check out all the cool cafes and restaurants in your free time
  • Activewear for some downtime exercise
  • Check out local apps so you’ve got up to date info for whats on in Sydney
  • Maybe check out a spa for a massage/facial.

Allison’s tips to maintain radiant skin when traveling:

  • A great cleanser
  • Exfoliate
  • Stay hydrated
  • Use a primer under your foundation for longer lasting results
  • Try a cream eye color under your eye shadow to stop creasing

SCOUT Cosmetics Mineral Eyeshadow LA Woman

You can also get beauty tips and advice via their Beauty School.

SCOUT Cosmetics product range

Photography courtesy of SCOUT Cosmetics & Allison Boyle