Pygamas and Women’s Loungewear to Die For

Entrepreneur Sanjit Vallance has introduced pygamas and women’s loungewear to the luxury lingerie sector

London-based entrepreneur, Sanjit Vallance has seen almost instantaneous success with her luxury sleepwear brand since it launched in the UK.

And just as Nui Ami pygamas, loungewear and lingerie items are beautiful, their luxury designs won the company a nomination for New Lingerie Designer of the Year 2105 by the UK Lingerie Awards.

The Nui Ami collection oozes beauty, sophistication and authenticity, with each item capturing the essence of women.

Additionally, this luxury sleepwear company has also pioneered an innovative approach to sizing by providing the first ever cup size sleepwear.

This aspect guarantees a comfortable a perfect fit to customers and ensures the brand’s individuality in the women’s loungewear and luxury lingerie sector.

Sanjit Vallance is the founder of Nui Ami

Here Sanjit tells Nativa World about her mission to give all women a luxurious nights sleep whilst wearing pygamas, as well as what inspired her to form her company

Sanjit, what does the word ‘Achieve’ mean to you?

It’s a word that has changed meaning throughout my life. When I was young, it all was about traveling, seeing the world, then it became all about my family and creating a safe, happy home. Now it is about building my new business, and about fulfilling my ambitions for Nui Ami.

When did you first begin to work in fashion and particularly, luxury sleepwear?

I grew up in fashion. My father’s family emigrated to the UK from India and started a fashion business here, so I grew up in retail and spent many Saturdays and holidays helping out in our shops. Then, after University I went into publishing and in 1997 I co-founded India’s first glossy bridal magazine, Indian Bride & Home. Later, combining my career with marriage and children I went into property development and interior design but it was my passion for fashion and in particular fabrics that brought me back to my family roots and led me to study lingerie design. Sleepwear combines two of my loves, beautiful lingerie and a beautiful night’s sleep.

When did Nui Am come to life?

Nui Ami is one of the first luxury brands to create the first ever cup size sleepwear. The idea came to me in late 2014. But I also wanted to create a brand that speaks with an authentic women’s voice and with a softer sensuality. So much sleepwear is polarized between the boring and the bordello, Nui Ami is neither, still beautifully appealing. The branding had to reflect this brand ethos, from the logo design and the colors we used for the website as well as the right choice of model to represent the brand. It is womanly, sophisticated and feminine.

The Nui Ami Paris robe in blush silk

What have been your main challenges as a founder and why?

It’s lonely. I don’t have a problem with motivation, in fact at the moment I have no off switch. But it’s early days for the business and I think as things develop I will not only find the right people to share the highs and lows, but I will also learn to give myself a break.

In hindsight is there anything you would have done differently as a founder?

Oh so many, I have certainly made mistakes in over ordering fabric…so I am learning not to do take my time, but that means planning and preparation.

What success have you seen so far with Nui Ami?

Our nomination for New Lingerie Designer of the Year 2105 by the UK Lingerie Awards was an amazing moment and we will have to wait until December to see if we win. But also fitting someone and getting their reaction to the collection, the fit and fabric is so rewarding. I want women to sleep more beautifully and to feel comfortably confident and chic.

Who inspires you in the fashion design world and why?

In fashion, I admire those designers who are driven by skill and artistry such as Ralph and Russo and Alexander McQueen. In business I admire Sarah Blakely the founder of Spanx for her vision, her belief in her product and her determination to make it happen.

Which is your best selling sleepwear item?

Our Nui Ami sleep bralette has proved really popular as it works with so much of our collection from our silk sleep shorts to our tailored pyjamas.

The Nui Ami black lace bralette

As a founder how do you manage to maintain a good work/life balance?

I don’t, but it is early days and the time is right for me to do this as my children are teenagers and more independent and my husband is very supportive. When it all gets too stressful I take my dog and go for a run in Richmond Park. That never fails to clear my head.

How often do you travel and any favorite travel destinations?

I travel abroad almost every month with frequent trips to India and Europe. We built a home on the Ile de Re in France and we spend a lot of time there with family and friends.

What do you miss most of all when you’re away from home?

Not that much actually. I am very lucky to live in Richmond in South West London. It is such a beautiful part of the city but I am also happy on the road and seeing new things, faces and places. But I do miss the food in London, sometimes, the variety is unique.

How important is getting a good nights sleep during a business trip?

I am quite territorial about my sleep; maybe its because I am a Leo. I do not function so well without a good eight hours of sleep. At home my tip is to have a hot bath, try to keep off your phone and never feel guilty about going to bed early. When traveling I always listen to BBC Radio 4 on Iplayer at night.

Sanjit Vallance is the founder of Nui Ami which is a luxury sleepwear brand in the United Kingdom

Sanjit’s Startup Tips:

  • If you cannot get something out of your head, you are on the right track
  • Don’t tell anyone your plans unless you are very close to them; until you are sure you cannot be dissuaded
  • Plan and write a plan
  • In the beginning do one thing every day to move closer to your dreams… it will accelerate
  • Educate yourself and network. There are good people out there who are prepared to help you: find them

Sanjit’s Travel Tips:

  • Always give yourself an extra half an hour. No one regrets having time for a coffee
  • Get a flight tracker app
  • Check in late, works for me, I seem to get better seats on low cost airlines
  • Research your eating options
  • Always use the car rental company not affiliated with your airline… the queues at the other end should be less

Sanjit’s Top Travel Items:

  • Phone Charger
  • French grammar book, always left untouched but it is always there in my bag, full of good intentions
  • Shawl and socks, I always get cold on flights
  • Flat shoes for airports
  • My own makeup bag, once away somehow I never find the right color foundation

Model wearing a Nui Ami Venice robe in champagne


Photography courtesy of Nui Ami, Sanjit Vallance & James Lightbown