Where to Shop in New York City in Peace

You can find a shopping sanctuary with meaning in the heart of busy Manhattan

Zazen Bear provides a unique retail experience to shoppers in new York City.

This Korean-Japanese Zen store concept is located in the heart of bustling Soho and officially opened its doors in 2015.

Within this light-filled, two-floor sanctuary people can wander around at their leisure whilst taking in Zazen Bear’s serene and tranquil surroundings.

An open staircase and harmonious live-plant vertical garden greets visitors who can then meander through three interlocking circular rooms and immerse themselves in a voyage of discovery and sensory exploration.

Shoppers at this Zen retreat can look at, hold and buy any of the beautifully crafted products that adorn the shelves and are placed delicately throughout the store.

The interior of Zazen Bear store in New York City

It’s during these moments that customers are said to begin to feel relaxed and connected, and that their internal balance is restored.

The Zazen Bear store concept works around Zen philosophy which holds that everything and everyone in this world is connected.

Emphasizing rigorous mediation in every day life, Zen also incorporates Zazen a seated meditation discipline which when practiced gives insight into the nature of existence.

Zazen aims to stop any judgemental thinking by the meditator, whilst letting words and ideas pass by their minds.

At Zazen Bear in Soho visitors can now discover a quiet place to shop in the city where the demands of their day are balanced and counteracted by silence and where any distractions are eclipsed by contemplation.

Zazen Bear ornaments

The jewelry and lifestyle products on display here are designed to help people feel at peace and to find harmony in all that they do in their lives.

A sense of calm is also said to be experienced when the items are touched, worn or used to decorate the home.

Products range from delicate, pretty rings and elegant necklaces, to chic, high-quality homewear, such as relaxing aromatherapy candles and neutral, earthy tablewear.

The jewelry is made using high quality precious materials such as diamonds, sapphires, gold and silver. These items are also meant to help people express their personality and to bring a touch of Zen to their everyday moments.

A balance ring by Zazeb Bear

The Zazen bear itself acts as a reminder to stop, breathe and relax and that a balanced life is a gift you can give yourself and others each day.

Photography courtesy of Zazen Bear