No Gym Membership in NYC? Then Use This App

Here’s what to do when you’re visiting New York City without gym membership

Whenever we travel on business, we usually can’t use our gym membership where we’re staying and have to leave our workout regimes at home.

And sometimes, because decent gym facilities  might be lacking in the hotels we’ve booked, we’re often left without the option of enjoying fitness training on the road.

For many of us, not being able to work out when we’re away from home can be a huge headache.

Enter POPiN, an innovative app that launched last summer and offers pay-as-you-go, flexible fitness at luxury gyms throughout New York City.

Gym goers simply download the app, find a convenient gym that suits their needs, check in at reception on arrival and scan out and pay when they leave.

In fact, with POPiN, hefty gym membership fees are now a thing of the past and luxury gym workouts are available to all.

Dalton Han, POPiN Founder

‘I came up with the concept for POPiN during a year packed with travel and a nomadic work lifestyle in the technology industry.’ Explains New York-based founder, Dalton Han.

‘So much about this lifestyle was simple.

‘I could find a place to stay at the drop of a hat on Airbnb; travel to meetings with an Uber; find a place to work or hold meetings with Splacer.

‘The one thing that remained complicated was my workout routine.

‘Being tied to one location and a gym membership meant I often needed to travel across the city for a workout, or miss it completely if I was out of town.

‘I thought ‘with so much of the world becoming on demand, why not fitness?’

Former IT consultant Dalton was -and is-  geared towards solving problems using technology and has a passion for helping people enjoy more convenient lives.

This time around though, launching his own product hasn’t come without its own hurdles.

POPiN brings luxury fitness to all

‘The largest challenge has been educating the consumer.’ He says.

‘People are so unfamiliar with the concept of paying only for what they use when it comes to fitness, they start looking for the catch.

‘Once people get it, you can see a light bulb go off and they get really excited to explore all their fitness options.

‘We have so many ideas for the future of POPiN.

‘In the next year alone people should look out for lots of new NYC locations, social media features, fitness features and expansion to other major cities in the US.’

Currently, Dalton’s app serves 30 luxury gyms in New York City which includes gym brands like Complete Body, Mercedes Club and World Gym.

‘These facilities see that POPiN is an asset.’ Explains Dalton.

‘Most of our active users already have gym memberships.

‘They use the app when it’s inconvenient to travel to their “home gym”, want to workout with friends, or want to access additional amenities.

POPiN can be used at 30 gym venue in NYC

‘This means that gyms are tapping into additional revenue and a new market they would never have had access to otherwise.

‘We also see POPiN users join gyms as members after first experiencing it through us.

‘If our users want to find new home gyms and gym membership is the right solution for them, we totally encourage and support it.’

And of course the female business traveler can now visit New York City and know she’ll receive the same quality workout she gets when she has access to her gym membership and home fitness facilities.

‘When staying in a short term rental or a hotel without a quality gym, sticking to a routine can be difficult.’ Says Dalton.

POPiN pay-as-you-go gym app

‘We believe it should be simple.

‘There’s no commitment and they pay only for the time they use.

‘With a variety of choices, they’ll be able to complete the same types of workouts as if they were at home or their own health club. ‘

Scan in and out of luxury gyms in NYC using POPiN

Photography courtesy of POPiN & Dalton Han.