Why You Need to Visit This Hair Color Salon

A hair color salon offers rapid root touch-ups, fast color applications and blow outs

Two hair color salons or ‘color bars’ by Madison Reed located in San Francisco and New York City are offering hair color services that take around 30 minutes.

And with a further 20-24 hair color bars planned at locations across the US over the next two years, this revolutionary hair color brand provides the perfect opportunity for business travelers to get their hair color seen to quickly and effectively – and at a moments notice.

Madison Reed Color Bar in New York City

Before now, Madison Reed offered convenient at-home hair color solutions as well as healthy, luxurious hair care products that are color enriched and ammonia free.

Since formally launching in 2014, the Madison Reed mission was – and still is – to guarantee salon quality hair color to all at home using natural, good quality ingredients and at a good price point.

The brand fast appealed to busy women since the technology used by Madison Reed professional colorists helped them find the right color match and fast. They could also enjoy salon-quality hair color at home for the very first time and for under $25.

Online video tutorials, hair color ideas, hair color charts, a color quiz, a shade comparison tool, voice-controlled instructions and even a hair color chatbot continue to support customers in finding their best shades so that they can color in confidence and comfort on their own at home.

Hot on the heels of blowout bar concepts which have seen great success by appealing to time-strapped modern women with simple hair needs and Madison Reed opened its first brick-and- mortar hair color salon in June in San Francisco’s Mission District.

Madison Reed Color Bar in San Francisco

Color Bars are our next frontier,’ Says CEO and co-founder Amy Errett.

‘We are already disrupting the at-home hair color industry, and we will keep innovating for those women who want to color at home.

‘But there will always be women who want to have someone else do it.

‘Now is the time for us to turn our attention to disrupting the salon channel, to operationally making it faster, more affordable and convenient.

‘There is no reason in the world that a salon appointment should be three hours and $300.

At Madison Reed Color Bars, that will not be what happens.’

Madison Reed San Francisco location

When visiting the new Madison Reed Color Bar location in New York City or the debut bar in San Francisco, business travelers with little time to spare can now have any color (and gray coverage) applied to their hair that they desire – and get it done in record time.

On arrival at either hair color salon, they need simply fill out a color questionnaire and can then speak to a trained, licensed colorist before deciding on the service and hair color that best suits their needs.

Whether they want permanent color applied to their roots (which comes at a fraction of the cost of a traditional salon), or an express root touch-up (which takes 35 minutes), they’ll be ready to leave the hair color salon and go out for their business dinner -or back to work after their lunch break – in no time.

Photography courtesy of Madison Reed