How to Protect Your Mobile and Multitask

Protect your mobile with luxury smartphone cases which can also help to relax hands and free up fingers

HandL is a phone case brand that produces mobile accessories that allow people to hold their cellphones in a relaxed, natural way using one or two fingers.

Designed by the award-winning American artist, Allen Hirsch and HandL phone accessories add something useful to the phone accessory marketplace with their focus on freedom, flexibility and orginality.

Made out of smooth, premium leather and with a patented elastic and brace system, these unique cases come in three shades and provide users with the comfortable feeling of their mobile device floating in their hand.

HandL smartphone cases in black, brown and white

They also convert into convenient hands-free stands.

Fundamentally HandL helps to change the relationship between the hand and phone by becoming a natural extension of the former.

Allen Hirsch, who painted the Inaugural portrait of Bill Clinton and who was also publicly commissioned to paint Luciano Pavaortti says,

‘You look at your cell phone at least 150 times a day.

‘You shouldn’t be interacting with a cold, metal object, but rather a fluid interface that facilitates your natural rhythms of expression.’

A drawing by Allen Hirsch of the HandL smartphone case

Allen Hirsch first began studying hand movement and touch sensitivity because he wanted to try and connect technology with the body in a more natural way.

His belief that people should hold their phones in the same way that an artist holds a paintbrush, as well as the focus on the flexible and organic connection between the phone and the hand, lie at the heart of his product.

‘I wanted HandL to be like a paintbrush for everyone using their phone.’ he says.

HandL was also inspired by Allen Hirsch’s monkey, Benjamin who he watched holding various products.

The HandL phone case

By being able to hold a phone comfortably and securely using the fingers and without gripping it’s said to release wrist and hand tension. It’s also said to help to create a safe and more flexible phone experience.

The thumb has a greater range of motion across the phone screen, users can multitask and selfies can be also taken at longer ranges.

Since a HandL phone accessory easily glides on and off a device people can also enjoy using them faster.

HandL cellphone cases can be used for iPhone 6/6S & 6/6S Plus and Samsung Note 4 and Note 3 phones.

Photography courtesy of Allen Hirsch and HandL