How to Meet Your Fitness Goals on the Road

Continue to reach your fitness goals when you travel using an app which guarantees results

Female business travelers who’ve set fitness goals at home can now continue to meet them whenever they’re visiting New York City.

SoQuick launched in Manhattan earlier this year and is an on-demand personal trainer booking service which makes working out with a trainer affordable, fun and convenient.

This platform includes an app and website and may suit female business travelers following strict diets and workout routines and who want to stick with them and stay consistent en-route.

With a tap of a button, they can now book a skilled, certified personal trainer to come to their hotel in New York.

In this way their business travel need not be a hindrance to their ongoing workout and diet schedules.

‘For businesswomen, time is limited and every minute counts.’ explains SoQuick Cofounder Jonetta Grant.

‘With SoQuick we make fitness efficient and hassle-free and so she doesn’t have to commute to and from the gym, or find a local fitness center on her business trip to New York.

‘She doesn’t have to sacrifice her diet or training regimen or feel disappointed if there isn’t a gym at her hotel.

‘Our personal trainers can meet her wherever, whenever.

‘She’ll feel motivated, focused and be able to continue her workout and diet regime.

‘She’ll also get a full refund if the fitness goals she sets with her personal trainer aren’t met.’

Workout methods available via SoQuick include kickboxing, yoga, HIIT (high intensity interval training), strength training, dance and boxing.

SoQuick certified personal trainers always arrive at their appointments equipped with whatever is necessary for a results-driven, 45-minute personal training session.

Fitness apps are always useful in helping exercise enthusiasts maintain their workout routines whenever they’re on-the-go, but SoQuick takes things further.

By offering healthy nutrition plans and meal planning, SoQuick is a one-stop shop for people to meet their all important health and fitness goals.

SoQuick Cofounder Tyrek McRae explains, ‘We provide nutritional guidelines, the training and a team that will answer all of their questions along with keeping clients motivated.

‘This is included with the most basic membership we have.’

SoQuick came to life because Tyrek had become disillusioned with the personal training services available to him in the city.

He reveals, ‘I’ve used multiple personal trainers and had never felt as if they were truly invested in getting me the results I wanted and needed.

‘It always felt like a business transaction than actually working together to reach my health and fitness goals.

‘On top of that, the majority of the best personal trainers in  New York City are priced as a luxury product.

‘We’ve created something that is, for the most part, affordable and simple for the people.

‘We don’t charge extra for diet and nutritional advice, measuring body fat or tracking progress like gyms do.

‘If we have to call someone every day to remind them to take their protein and eat right, we will!

‘We’ll do anything in our power to get results for our clients or users; hence why we have a ‘Guaranteed Plan’.’

SoQuick’s useful ‘Guaranteed Plan’ involves the personal trainer and their client setting a goal at the beginning of their training journey together.


If the client doesn’t reach that goal, they’ll get a refund or a fitness credit.

‘We also have plans where you ‘Pay as you Play’ and then memberships for more dedicated users,’ adds Jonetta.

‘We aim to keep our price points reasonable while keeping quality and customer service at an all-time high.’

SoQuick is available for download on all iPhone devices from the Apple App Store.

Non-iPhone users can request sessions via email at support@soquick.co. ( First sessions are 40% off.)

Otherwise, sessions can be purchased individually for $50 per session or as a monthly bundle that averages out to $40 per session.

Photography courtesy of SoQuick and Shutterstock.com